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Second Edition
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Seal the Temple's Door


1 Seal the Temple's Door
Pah-wraith. Replicate - Place the top card of your dilemma pile face up beneath an opponent's incomplete non-headquarters mission. (You may place the top card of your dilemma pile face up beneath an opponent's incomplete non-headquarters mission when you play this event. If you do, put this event in your hand instead of destroying it.) To play this event, you must command three [Car] personnel. Draw two cards. Destroy this event.
8 C 42

Negatives: To Replicate requires placing a Dilemma under Opponent's incomplete Mission. Requires 3 Cardassian symbol Personnel to activate.

Positives: Pah-Wraith and Replicate Keywords. The Replicate function could be used several times in the card play phase. For 1 Cost the Player Can draw two cards.

Extra: The nice thing about this card as opposed to "Observer" from the Obsidian Order or The Pillage of Bajor or the several other cards that allow Cardassians to card draw is there is no discard added as an additional cost. The Player loses one card and gains two. That's pretty decent. People sometimes find the Replicate function odd or confusing, but remember it doesn't have to be used. This one is particularly costly since putting Dilemmas under unsolved Missions is usually bad (although there is some advantage to getting Dilemmas under the Opponent's Mission before they start attempting e.g. Chimeric Diversion.) Sarin, Charmer could even be killed to get a free Replicate and even more cards could be drawn (but that's a waste of a really useful Personnel.) It is better than it looks and may be the best option for a Cardassian draw.

Applicable Cards: "Observer" from the Obsidian Order; Chimeric Diversion; Seal the Temple's Door; The Pillage of Bajor; Sarin, Charmer;