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Second Edition
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Personal Duty


[S] 2 Personal Duty
Unless you have Leadership or Officer, all your personnel are stopped. If you have two more personnel who have Leadership or Officer, randomly select all but one of those personnel to be stopped.
"Data, this is something I have to do."
1 R 42 or 0 VP 33

Negatives: Space Only.

Positives: 2 Cost. Stops all but one Leadership or Officer.

Extra: Another one of the few dilemmas from the first expansion that still sees a lot of play. Personal Duty also weeds out a lot of Diplomacy since that skill is usually associated with Leadership and Officer. Great Dilemma that combines with well with so many others like Gomtuu Shock Wave and Where No One Has Gone Before.

Applicable Cards: Gomtuu Shock Wave; Personal Duty; Where No One Has Gone Before;