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Second Edition
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Self-Replicating Roadblock


[Eve] 2 Self-Replicating Roadblock
Plays on your non-headquarters mission (limit one per mission). When you play this event, name a dilemma or an event. The named event cannot be played on this mission. When the named dilemma is revealed here, return it to its owner's dilemma pile.
"We're going to mine the entrance to the wormhole - prevent the Dominion from bringing any more reinforcements to Cardassia."
30 V 17

Negatives: There's nothing wrong with this card.

Positives: 2 Cost. Works on Events Or Dilemmas. Prevent an Event from being played or a Dilemma from working at a mission.

Extra: An Event that is polarizing and can really alter a game. It works against Insurrection and Timescape police type Dilemmas, but the real complaint is it works against dilemma piles built around a single dilemma like Unfair Comparison, or Tragic Turn which aren't usually fun to play against, anyway. If the Player is wanting to run a Khan/To Rule in Hell deck this is essential for protection against something (like Biogenic Weapon) being placed on Ceti Alpha V, Forge Settlement. A good card that works in most decks.

Applicable Cards: Insurrection; Timescape; Tragic Turn; Unfair Comparison; Biogenic Weapon; Self-Replicating Roadblock; To Rule in Hell; Ceti Alpha V, Forge Settlement;