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Second Edition
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Orb of Contemplation


[Equ] 2 •Orb of Contemplation
Artifact. (To play this card, you must have completed a mission requiring Acquisition, Anthropology, or Archaeology.) Orb. When your personnel present is about to be stopped or killed by a dilemma, if you have a copy of him or her in your discard pile, you may return this equipment to its owner's hand to prevent that.
"But if you are Prophets, and you're listening, I just want to say..."
30 V 11

Negatives: It is Unique. You have to have a copy of a particular personnel in discard pile to save one attempting a mission.

Positives: Can prevent a personnel from being stopped or killed.

Extra: If the Player is using the Orb of Contemplation then Boon of the Celestial Temple better be in the deck. This card is mostly useful when you have some Personnel in your Discard Pile later in the game. The good thing about it is the Personnel it is used on continues with the crew attempting the mission (unlike the Emergency Transport Unit and Escape which stops the personnel they are used on.) Like all equipment it is vulnerable to Equipment Malfunction. Sadly, since it is unique you can't have multiples in play. Its use is variable depending on what the Opponent is running.

Applicable Cards: Equipment Malfunction; Emergency Transport Unit; Orb of Contemplation; Boon of the Celestial Temple; Escape;