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Second Edition
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Icheb, Genetic Weapon


[Non] 4 •Icheb, Genetic Weapon
[Stf] Borg
•2 Astrometrics •Biology •Engineer •Geology •Physics
While you command but do not own this personnel, place all [Bor] personnel at this mission in their owner's discard pile.
"My parents made microgenetic alterations so I would produce the pathogen. Quite ingenious."
Integrity 6 Cunning 7 Strength 5
29 V 40

Negatives: 4 Cost.

Positives: 5 useful skills. Strong Attributes. When the Opponent takes command of this Personnel all Borg Symbol Personnel present are discarded.

Extra: If his Skills meet your Mission needs it wouldn't hurt throwing him in a deck. The 4 Cost is hard to justify unless the Player is using it as a strategy with something like the Horga'hn or Favor the Bold. Energize can knock down the cost a bit. As to his Ability. . .It might come up once in a very long while. There's no way to just give command of this Personnel to the Opponent if he's playing Borg. The Opponent would have to take some action and play something like Borg Cutting Beam or Abduction for it to come into play and if he sees Icheb, Genetic Weapon out they probably wouldn't bother until a Dilemmas like Secret Identity got rid of him. Somewhat useful against Borg Assimilation decks.

Applicable Cards: Secret Identity; Horga'hn; Abduction; Borg Cutting Beam; Energize; Favor the Bold; Chorgan, Leader of the Gatherers; Icheb, Genetic Weapon;