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Second Edition
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B'omar Sovereignty, Traverse Restricted Space


[S] •B'omar Sovereignty, Traverse Restricted Space
[DQ] 35
Astrometrics, 2 Diplomacy, Honor, Navigation, and Integrity>34 Players may not play more than one copy of the same event or interrupt each turn.
"There are a total of seventeen checkpoints where you will submit your vessel for inspection."
Any affiliation (except [Bor]) may attempt this mission.
Span 4
29 V 34

Positives: 35 points. Everyone can do it (except Borg.) Prevents multiple Events and Interrupts from being played each turn.

Negatives: Span 4. In Delta Quadrant. It affects the Player as well as the Opponent.

Extra: Here's a mission that's good for the Bajorans, but with a Span of 4 and being in the Delta Quad it's really tough for them to get to. The Mission's Ability of preventing multiples Interrupts and Events per turn from being played might be useful against a few specific deck types (usually involving The Central Command, Covenant, Rule of Acquisition #33, These Are The Voyages, Trap Is Sprung, Preposterous Plan, Accession, Temporal Transporters, etc.) The Player only runs into them once in a while. Still, if playing against someone who uses multiple of the same Interrupt/Events per turn this Mission will end that. If this Mission's Skill and Integrity requirements meet the Players needs it's fine to use.

Applicable Cards: Temporal Transporters; These Are The Voyages; Trap Is Sprung; Accession; Covenant; Preposterous Plan; Rule of Acquisition #33; The Central Command; B'omar Sovereignty, Traverse Restricted Space;