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Second Edition
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Dyson Sphere, Explore Mysterious Structure


[S] •Dyson Sphere, Explore Mysterious Structure
[AQ] 20
2 Engineer, 2 Science, and Cunning>32
This mission is worth 5 more points for each different card type in your discard pile.
"In the twentieth century, a physicist called Freeman Dyson postulated the theory that an enormous hollow sphere could be constructed around a star."
Any affiliation (except [Bor]) may attempt this mission.
Span 3
30 V 27

Positives: 2 Engineer and 2 Science is usually easy to come by. Mission +5 for each different card type in discard pile. All Affiliations except Borg can do this Mission.

Negatives: If you solve too early may not get as many points. Borg are specifically blocked from attempting.

Extra: It looks like a planet, but it's a Space mission. The standard deck card types are: Equipment, Event, Interrupt, Personnel, & Ships. So you can get +25 for those. Dilemma and Missions, while also card types, are not allowed in the Players draw deck. Other than that if you can get the standard cards in the discard pile it's an easy 45 point Mission with fairly low Cunning requirement. If the Opponent is using Dukat, Pah-Wraith Puppet to take out discard pile cards, one maneuver is before the Mission solving attempt the Player Grav-Plating Traps on one of their own Events putting an Interrupt, Event and Equipment in the Discard Pile and if the Event has a Ship and Personnel on it that makes for a sweet play.

Applicable Cards: Grav-Plating Trap; Dyson Sphere, Explore Mysterious Structure;