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Second Edition
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Gateway, Historical Research


[P] •Gateway, Historical Research
[AQ] 35
2 Anthropology, 2 Archaeology, and Integrity>33
At the start of your turn, if this is your first turn and any opponent has had a turn, you may download a personnel.
Gateway: "Time is fluid ... like a river with currents, eddies, and backwash."
Any affiliation may attempt this mission.
Span 2
13 U 45

Negatives: This mission is harder for low integrity affiliations to do. You can't use the game text if you go first.

Positives: If you go second you can download a personnel you really need. Low Span. Neither too hard nor too easy to solve.

Extra: Gateway, Historical Research is one of the top missions used in a majority of decks. If your deck relies on any one personnel it helps tremendously if you can just download them. It also helps offset the natural advantage the player going first gets. One problem you have to remember to use it if you go second. People sometimes forget to use it. Throw in Kamala, The Perfect Mate and Vash, Treasure Hunter in your deck and you've got all the skills you need to actually solve the mission.

Applicable Cards: Gateway, Historical Research; Kamala, The Perfect Mate; Vash, Treasure Hunter;