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Second Edition
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Getting Under Your Skin


[Eve] 2 •Getting Under Your Skin
To play this event, you must command three [Rom] personnel. Plays in your core. When you play an event in your core, you may reveal the top card of an opponent's deck. If it is a personnel, score 5 points. You may do this only once each turn.
"I look forward to seeing your station - while it's still here, that is. The way the war's going with the Federation, it may not be around much longer."
4U 55 or 0 D 22

Positives: The Player could score 5 points. The Player can see Opponent's top card. Plays in Core and isn't destroyed when used.

Negatives: The Event requires Command of three Romulan symbol Personnel to go in Core. Requires an Event to be played in Core to activate game text.

Extra: When the Player sits across from a Romulan player odds are they are going to see Getting Under Your Skin and Prejudice and Politics. With these two cards the Opponent will usually be scoring 5 points each turn. Those points will generally be burned on At What Cost? and Power Shift and the most annoying Far-Seeing Eyes. Romulan Event card combos are one of the reasons that the Affiliation is still so strong today. By themselves they don't do much, but once a few of them are in play, or in hand, it's hard to stop the Romulan stomp. If the Romulans are being seen a lot the Player might try packing Quinn but they still have to get 5 points to power that card (Plus, it is one of the first to go with Far Seeing Eyes.)

Applicable Cards: At What Cost?; Far-Seeing Eyes; Getting Under Your Skin; Power Shift; Prejudice and Politics; Quinn;