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Second Edition
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Back-Flush Bussard Collectors


[Eve] 0 Back-Flush Bussard Collectors
To play this event, you must command a [Fed] Engineer personnel. Discard a card from hand to draw two cards. Destroy this event.
"Blowing that hydrogen exhaust through the Bussard collectors sure put on a nice light show."
1 U 77

Positives: 0 Cost. Allows the Player to draw two cards.

Negatives: Requires a Federation Engineer Personnel to activate. The Player has to Discard a card from hand. Event is Destroyed after use.

Extra: Every Affiliation gets some version of Back-Flush Bussard Collectors. (Bajoran=Days of Atonement, Borg=Severed Link, Cardassian="Observer" from the Obsidian Order, Dominion=Dispensing the White, Ferengi=Delicate Negotiations [which is slightly different], Klingon=Order of the Bat'leth, Romulans=Tactical Planning and Starfleet=That's the Last Time.) It's a basic pitch two cards (the Event and a card from hand) to gain two cards. Federation players using Earth, Lush and Beautiful Home will get a similar option of getting extra card draws with the playing of an Original series symbol Personnel and spending a counter. Could be useful in large decks when the Player is drawing lots of cards that aren't really needed or occasionally in minimum size decks where the Player wants to speed through the draw deck to get everything they need for some particular setup.

Applicable Cards: "Observer" from the Obsidian Order; Back-Flush Bussard Collectors; Days of Atonement; Delicate Negotiations; Dispensing the White; Order of the Bat'leth; Severed Link; Tactical Planning; That's the Last Time; Earth, Lush and Beautiful Home;