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Second Edition
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Trap Is Sprung


[Eve] 2 Trap Is Sprung
Capture. To play this event, you must command three [Car] personnel. Plays on an opponent's mission with no dilemmas beneath it. When an opponent's personnel begin a mission attempt here, you may destroy this event to randomly select one of those personnel to be placed in your brig.
"The enemy knows if they don't act soon, it'll be too late."
30 V 20

Positives: Capture Keyword. 2 Cost. Non-unique. Plays on Mission. When Opponent attempts a mission one of the crew is captured.

Negatives: Requires 3 Cardassians. Destroyed when used. Mission it is played on can't have any dilemmas under it.

Extra: One of the interesting things about this Event is if the Opponent attempts with 8 personnel the Player can capture some Personnel taking the crew down to 7, but they still get to draw and spend 8. If the Player runs three they can either pile them all on one mission, or spread them out on three separate Missions. Using this is bound to Capture someone and if the Player randomly selects a scrub Personnel then the Inequitable Exchange Dilemma could switch them out for a main Personnel. Trap Is Sprung is vulnerable to Event destruction and other cards like Rescue Captives and Number One, Reputable Officer can always pull personnel out of the brig.

Applicable Cards: Inequitable Exchange; Rescue Captives; Trap Is Sprung; Number One, Reputable Officer;