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Second Edition
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Chakotay, Freedom Fighter


[Fed] 3 •Chakotay, Freedom Fighter
[Cmd] [Maq] Human
•Anthropology •Archaeology •Leadership •Navigation •Treachery
Commander: Valjean. While this personnel is facing a dilemma, each of your other [Maq] personnel present is attributes +1.
"Fine. Be a fool. If I have to die, at least I'll have the pleasure of watching you go with me."
Integrity 4 Cunning 6 Strength 6
2 R 120

Positives: Makes Maquis personnel attributes +1 when facing a dilemma. Good skill mix.

Negatives: Ability only works while facing dilemmas and not on solving missions. Low Integrity.

Extra: Chakotay, Freedom Fighter is for Maquis decks and he carries two of the skills For the Cause, so he's pretty useful in those decks. His Ability is really helpful when facing Dilemmas requiring Integrity since the Maquis are ethically challenged. He does exactly what he was designed to do for a specific Federation Sub-affiliation and he does it pretty well. He is one of the rare Commanders that can staff his ship (the Valjean) by himself making Mission Accomplished and Deploy the Fleet easier to pull off with only a couple cards.

Applicable Cards: Deploy the Fleet; Mission Accomplished; Chakotay, Freedom Fighter; Valjean;