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Second Edition
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Plot Invasion


[P] •Plot Invasion
[AQ] 30
Transporters, Cunning>30, and (Leadership and Officer or 2 Security)
You may attempt and complete this mission using your [Fed] personnel with these requirements: Intelligence, Leadership, Security, and Strength>30.
Coridan: Plan surprise attack on this Federation world.
[Bor] [Dom]
Span 2
3 U 99

Negatives: Dominion solving requires Cunning (not one of their aptitudes). Vulnerable to Insurrection.

Positives: Requires Low Cunning (for Dominion or Borg,) or Low Strength (for Federation.)

Extra: Basic, Simple mission that if it meets the decks Skill set could be a quick mission to solve. This Mission is seen in a lot of Borg decks, but rarely show up in a Dominion or Fed deck, probably because most Dominion decks are based around Strength and the Federation has so many other options. It can be made harder to solve by Insurrection which isn't much of a problem for the Borg (with the Invasive Drone and the Computation Drone) but the Dominion and Federation may have a harder time with that.

Applicable Cards: Insurrection; Plot Invasion; Computation Drone; Invasive Drone;