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Second Edition
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Beverly Crusher, Chief Medical Officer


[Fed] 3 •Beverly Crusher, Chief Medical Officer
[Cmd] [TNG] Human
•Biology •Exobiology •2 Medical •Programming
When your other personnel present is about to be killed, you may discard a card from hand to place that personnel on top of your deck. You may do this only once each turn.
"I can't overestimate the danger of Thalaron radiation... A microscopic amount could kill every living thing on this ship..."
Integrity 6 Cunning 6 Strength 4
1 R 257

Negatives: Low Strength.

Positives: Can prevent a Personnel from going to the Discard Pile.

Extra: Beverly Crusher, Chief Medical Officer's Ability is almost not worth using. The Player has to discard a card from hand to activate the Ability and the Personnel isn't really saved. They go to the top of the Draw Deck and on the next turn the Player would have to spend 1 counter to redraw the Personnel and then spend whatever the cost is if they are to be played again. This Ability is limited to only once each turn. Still, if the Player needs those Medical Skills she has the standard: Biology, Exobiology, Medical, plus, the random Programming (which is good for the Eliminate Harvesters Mission) and she does prevent the Kill so when facing a Tragic Turn the first Kill would not occur triggering the second Kill. When playing Next Generation Federation one of her other Beverly Crusher's (like Beverly Crusher, Chief Physician) would be a better choice.

Applicable Cards: Tragic Turn; Eliminate Harvesters; Beverly Crusher, Chief Medical Officer; Beverly Crusher, Chief Physician;