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Second Edition
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Study Cometary Cloud


[S] •Study Cometary Cloud
[AQ] 35
Astrometrics, Navigation, Programming, Cunning>34, and (Acquisition or Security)
Cruses system: Collect samples of the unusual particles in this system's Oort cloud. Conduct research on their military or commercial potential.
[Dom] [Fer] [Kli] [NA] [Rom]
Span 3
1 S 201

Negatives: Not intended for Borg use.

Positives: The Non-aligned requirement makes it open to other Affiliations. Skills required are pretty common.

Extra: The interesting thing about the first expansion is just how basic everything was and Study Cometary Cloud is a good example of a basic mission. A lot of personnel have Astrometrics, Navigation and Programming, so it's fairly easy to get those skills together and the non-unique Garren has the three main Skills. Throw in some Security or Acquisition and you are all set, or Zef'No, Professional Courier who has all four required Skills. Interesting to note, since this Mission has Acquisition listed in the Skill requirements, solving it opens the Player up to using Artifacts.

Applicable Cards: Study Cometary Cloud; Garren; Zef'No, Professional Courier;