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Second Edition
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[P] 2 Blended
Unless you have Diplomacy or Telepathy, all your personnel are stopped. If you have two more personnel who have Diplomacy or Telepathy, randomly select all but one of those personnel to be stopped.
"Look, he wouldn't even talk to me unless I had a drink with him. … So don't go criticizing my counseling technique!"
1 U 11

Positives: Can stop all but one Diplomacy or Telepathy Personnel.

Negatives: Planet only.

Extra: The ugly cousin of Personal Duty with almost the same text, but targeting two other Skills. Unfortunately, one of those Skills is rare (Telepathy) and the other only occasionally common (Diplomacy.) This is not nearly as good as Personal Duty's targeting of two usually common Skills. This always works well against Federation and Bajorans, but almost any other Affiliations will carry only a couple Diplomacy at best. Picking Up the Pieces is usually a better thinner choice for planet Missions and both can easily be pulled by the Vault of Tomorrow. This may be good when followed by Dilemmas that require 2 Diplomacy, like A Devil Scorned or Language Barrier.

Applicable Cards: A Devil Scorned; Blended; Language Barrier; Personal Duty; Picking Up the Pieces; Vault of Tomorrow;