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Second Edition
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N'Vek, Soldier of the Underground


[Rom] 2 •N'Vek, Soldier of the Underground
•Astrometrics •Biology •Programming •Science
Order - If this personnel is present with another non-Treachery Romulan, place that Romulan on the bottom of its owner's deck to draw a number of cards equal to his or her cost. You may do this only once each turn.
Integrity 4 Cunning 5 Strength 6
1 R 364

Positives: Dissident Keyword. Four Skills and Attributes for 2 Cost. Could use the order to draw cards.

Negatives: Low Integrity. Using his Order requires sending a Personnel to the bottom of Draw deck.

Extra: He has good skills for a 2 cost Romulan and he is one of the few low Integrity Personnel that does not carry Treachery. You can use his Ability with some Personnel like T'Auethn, Obedient Centurian and use multiple copies of T'Auethn to keep recycling him to take cards away from opponent or Ptol and get card draws for more than the cost you payed to play the Personnel. When mixed with The New Resistance he could return Dissidents to the Draw Deck that could be played later for -3 (almost free) If the Opponent is playing Romulans as well, then those Personnel can be targeted by his Ability instead. Useful in most Romulan decks.

Applicable Cards: The New Resistance; N'Vek, Soldier of the Underground; Ptol;