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Second Edition
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Under Suspicion


[Evt] 2 •Under Suspicion
Infiltration. Plays in your core. When the player on your right begins a mission attempt, for each of your Infiltrators at that mission, you may draw one extra dilemma and spend one extra in total cost on dilemmas.
"…we've got a problem. Any one of us could be the changeling. You, Kira, Eddington. Even me."
3 U 66

Positives: 2 Cost. Infiltration Keyword. Plays in Core and is not destroyed when used. Works for all Affiliations. The Player can Draw and Spend one extra Dilemma for each Infiltrator at a Mission.

Negatives: Requires a lot of Infiltrators to be effective.

Extra: This is good for the Dominion with all their Infiltrators and the Player can also use those Personnel to solve Missions. Under Suspicion is vulnerable to Event destruction, so depending on this working requires packing some protection (like Grav-plating Trap etc.) One of the things that would make this interesting is loading a Cardassian deck with a bunch of cheap personnel and then moving them on one of the Opponent's Missions with the Naprem. Beam them down and just park them there. As long as the Naprem is there they are all Infiltrators.

Applicable Cards: Under Suspicion; Grav-Plating Trap; Naprem; Naprem, Renegade Vessel;