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Second Edition
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Kivas Fajo, Hoarder


[NA] 2 •Kivas Fajo, Hoarder
[Cmd] Zibalian
•Acquisition •Archaeology •Biology •2 Treachery
Commander: Jovis. Thief. When you play this personnel, you may download Greed. This personnel is Cunning +1 and Strength +1 for each dilemma you own in an opponent's core (limit +5).
"There are items here gathered from half the galaxy."
Integrity 2 Cunning 5 Strength 5
31 V 44

Positives: 2 Cost. Thief Keyword. The Player may download Greed when played. Kivas Fajo's Cunning and Strength go up for each Dilemma in Opponent's core.

Negatives: Low Integrity. Kivas Fajo's Ability doesn't increase his Integrity.

Extra: Kivas Fajo, Hoarder is designed to make Greed more useful which doesn't show up much, but at least Greed's text works well with this particular version of Kivas Fajo. When running a Thief deck the Player has the option of Kivas Fajo, Collector which costs more, but he'll help with certain commonly used Dilemmas, like Gomtuu, Shock Wave, but Kivas Fajo, Hoarder can pop his Cunning and Strength attributes, which could be key when solving Missions and getting past Dilemmas. Could be useful in decks using Species 8472 Dilemmas like On Guard or The Weak Will Perish not to mention non Species 8472 Dilemmas like Causal Recursion and Mugato.

Applicable Cards: Causal Recursion; Gomtuu Shock Wave; Mugato; On Guard; The Weak Will Perish; Greed; Kivas Fajo, Collector; Kivas Fajo, Hoarder;