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Second Edition
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[Fed] 2 Sparber
[Stf] [E] Human
•Security •Transporters •Treachery
When you play this personnel, choose an event with no cards on it in a player's core. That event loses all of its game text (except keywords) until the end of this turn.
"All family members of Starfleet personnel are required to submit to blood screenings. No exceptions."
Integrity 4 Cunning 5 Strength 6
31 V 42

Negatives: Low Integrity.

Positives: Non-unique. When played you can make an Event lose it's game text till the end of the turn.

Extra: This is a 1 Cost Personnel that costs 1 Extra for his Ability. If the opponent has an Event in his core that is affecting the Player Sparber can blank it's game text, but only till the end of turn. The Player can use it on their own Events too like the Martial Law. But if the Event is placed on the Mission the Player is out of luck. There's no getting around Self-Replicating Roadblock with Sparber. Since he's non-unique the Player can use other copies on other turns and keep using him.
At first glance his skills are not too useful, but if you want to go to the Delta Quad and Obtain Advanced Technology he has all the skills for that (Also, a lot of the skills for Genesis Planet.)
Sparber's Ability only works on one copy of an Event, so if multiple copies of Events with the same title are in play the Player only gets to blank the text of one of those copies.

Applicable Cards: Martial Law; Self-Replicating Roadblock; Genesis Planet; Obtain Advanced Technology; Sparber;