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[Non] 0 •Ezri Tigan, Soldier of Fortune
[Cmd] [AU] Trill
Anthropology Geology Medical Navigation Security Transporters
Thief. When this personnel is stopped by a dilemma, choose an opponent and place this personnel at his or her headquarters mission. That opponent now commands this personnel.
"I believe in getting paid for my work. And you still owe me for the last job I did for you."
Integrity 4    Cunning 6    Strength 4
13 C 92

Card Extras:
     Seth Matthews, Red Squad Cadet
Image Source: Deep Space Nine: "The Emperor's New Cloak"

Legal Card Pools: Complete Traditional Virtual Academy Excelsior Hall of Fame
Legal Rules Sets: Standard Slipstream

Alternate Prints
Ezri Tigan (Soldier of Fortune)
Ezri Tigan (Cynical Mercenary)

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