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[D] 0 Secret Identity
Your opponent chooses a personnel. You may replace him or her with any one personnel of the same affiliation from your deck. Place the personnel your opponent chose in his or her owner's discard pile. Shuffle and replace your deck.
"Well, you look like the devil himself, but as long as you're alive. What's it all about?"
0 VP 77

This card is a foil.
This card has an alternate image.
Related Rulings:
    Replacing a Personnel
Card Extras:
     Clandestine Kidnapping
     "Rapid Progress"
     He Wasn't Nice
     Counterinsurgency Program
     Icheb, Genetic Weapon
Image Source: The Original Series: "The Enterprise Incident"

Legal Card Pools: Complete Traditional Virtual Academy Excelsior Act 1 Excelsior
Legal Rules Sets: Standard Slipstream

Alternate Prints
Secret Identity

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