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[S] 3 Gomtuu Shock Wave
Unless you have 2 Diplomacy and Integrity>32 or Telepathy and Integrity>35, all your personnel are stopped and this dilemma is placed on your ship.
Damage - This ship is attributes-2.
Tournament Promo - Series VII
0 VP 89

This card is a foil.
This card has an alternate image.
Related Rulings:
    Dilemmas Affecting Ships
Card Extras:
     Alexander Rozhenko, K'mtar
     Gomtuu Shock Wave
     Tox Uthat
     Personal Duty
     Kivas Fajo, Hoarder
Image Source: The Next Generation: "Tin Man"

Legal Card Pools: Complete Traditional Virtual Academy Excelsior Act 1 Excelsior
Legal Rules Sets: Standard Slipstream

Alternate Prints
Gomtuu Shock Wave

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