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[H] •Earth, Cradle of the Federation
[AQ] 0
You may play [TNG] cards, [E] cards, [NA] cards, and equipment at this mission.
Region: Sector 001.
Earth: "Of course, we are always delighted when the Enterprise returns to the nest."
This mission is not attemptable.
Span 2
1 S 161

Card Extras:
     Peaceful Coexistence
Image Source: The Next Generation: "Opening Credits"

Legal Card Pools: Complete Traditional Virtual Academy Excelsior Act 1 Excelsior
Legal Rules Sets: Standard Slipstream

Alternate Prints
Earth (Cradle of the Federation)
Earth (Home of Starfleet Command) Earth (Humanity's Home) Earth (Lush and Beautiful Home) Earth (Lush and Beautiful Home) Earth (Stop First Contact)

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