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Promo Cards
A Physical Expansion released on 2002-01-01.

This list includes both regular and oversized cards, released for pre-release tournaments, retail, and other promotions. Diffraction foil versions of non-alternate image cards will be listed with the standard set.

Promo Cards contains: 64 cards (28 D, 36 P)

0 D 1Harsh ConditionsDilemma2006 Regional Participation Foil
0 D 2TimescapeDilemmaTournament Prize
0 D 3Rule of Acquisition #144EventTournament Prize
0 D 4 Tasha Yar, Tactical OfficerPersonnelFederationTournament Prize
0 D 5 Kahless, The Greatest Warrior of Them AllPersonnelKlingonTournament Prize
0 D 6 Michael Eddington, Loyal LeaderPersonnelFederationTournament Prize
0 D 7 Palor Toff, TraderPersonnelNon-AlignedTournament Prize
0 D 8 Collapse Anti-Time AnomalyMission
0 D 9 Explore Black ClusterMission
0 D 10 Feldomite RushMission
0 D 11 Investigate Maquis ActivityMission
0 D 12 Investigate MassacreMission
0 D 13 Kressari RendezvousMissionLeague Prize
0 D 14 Data, AspirerPersonnelFederationDGMA Continental Championship 2005
0 D 15 James T. Kirk, Living LegendPersonnelFederationDGMA Territorial Open Championship
0 D 16 Brunt, FCA LiquidatorPersonnelFerengiStrange New Worlds Release
0 D 17 Charles Tucker III, "Trip"PersonnelStarfleetTo Boldly Go Release
0 D 18 U.S.S. Enterprise-D, Personal FlagshipShipFederationDGMA World Championship 2005
0 D 19Agonizing EncounterDilemmaDGMA Premier Series - Essen
0 D 19Agonizing EncounterDilemma
0 D 20Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? (Errata)Dilemma
0 D 21Tragic TurnDilemma2008 Regional Top Prize
0 D 21Tragic TurnDilemmaDGMA Premier Series Qualifier (2007)
0 D 22 Getting Under Your SkinEvent2007 Territorial Open Championship
0 D 23 Arridor, "Great Sage"PersonnelFerengiChairman's Challenge III Top Prize
0 D 24 Nel Apgar, Temperamental ResearcherPersonnelNon-Aligned
0 D 25 Serova, Warp Field TheoristPersonnelNon-Aligned
0 D 26TogaranPersonnelNon-Aligned
0 P 1 Ro Laren, Maquis SympathizerPersonnelBajoranEnergize - May 2003
0 P 2 Elim Garak, Plain, Simple TailorPersonnelCardassianRetail Incentive July-August 2003
0 P 3 Dukat, Liberator and ProtectorPersonnelCardassianCall to Arms - September 2003
0 P 4 Jean-Luc Picard, Starship CaptainPersonnelFederationDGMA Territorial Open Championship 2004
0 P 5 Sela, Devious SchemerPersonnelRomulanNecessary Evil - Spring 2004
0 P 24In the Pah-wraith's WakeEventDecipher Rewards Store
0 P 24 Worf, First OfficerPersonnelFederationStar Trek CCG - Summer 2004
0 P 25 Deanna Troi, Major RakalPersonnelRomulanStar Trek CCG - Reflections Release
0 P 26 Leonard H. McCoy, Remarkable ManPersonnelFederationStrange New Worlds - May 2005
0 P 27 Borg Queen, Bringer of OrderPersonnelBorgDecipher Convention 2005
0 P 28 Benjamin Sisko, Man of ResolvePersonnelFederationDecipher Convention 2005
0 P 29 Arik Soong, Father of ManyPersonnelNon-AlignedSales Incentive - Fall 2005
0 P 30 Quark, Son of KeldarPersonnelKlingonTo Boldly Go - September 2006
0 P 31 Seven of Nine, Representative of the HivePersonnelBorgDecipherCon 2005
0 P 32The Edge of Forever (Errata)EventCaptain's Log - October 2006
0 P 32In the Pah-wraith's WakeEventDecipher Rewards Store
0 P 33 Party Atmosphere (Errata)Event2006 Territorial Open Championship
0 P 33Unexpected DifficultiesEventDecipher Shop Exclusive - February 2007
0 P 34Skeleton CrewDilemma2007 Territorial Open Championship
0 P 35AbductionEvent2007 Tournament Prize Support
0 P 36Desperate SacrificeEvent2007 Tournament Prize Support
0 P 37Mission AccomplishedEvent2007 Tournament Prize Support
0 P 38MorikPersonnelNon-Aligned2007 Tournament Prize Support
0 P 39 Worf, The Strongest HeartPersonnelKlingon
0 P 40 Jadzia Dax, The Second HeartPersonnelKlingon
0 P 72 Dukat, Military AdvisorPersonnelCardassian
0 P 73 Jean-Luc Picard, ExplorerPersonnelFederationdAgent Exclusive
0 P 74 Gowron, Leader of the High CouncilPersonnelKlingon
0 P 75 Amnesty TalksMission
0 P 76 Fissure ResearchMission
0 P 77 Investigate Alien ProbeMission
0 P 78 Protect the EscapeesMission
0 P 80Destiny ResetEvent
0 P 81No Kill IDilemma
0 P 82 Earth, Lush and Beautiful HomeMission
0 P 83Chula: The DiceDilemma