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Trekcc Second Edition

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This Side of Paradise
A Virtual Expansion released on 2009-08-14.

Lead Designer: The Brad DeFruiter
Design Team: Michael Girard, Chris Lobban, Richard New

Take a walk on the wild side with the arrival of This Side of Paradise, the latest virtual expansion from The Continuing Committee. Forty-five cards featuring the most beautiful ladies of Star Trek herald not only new opportunities, but dangerous threats for each and every player's best decks. Add some beauty and some danger with each new card, only with This Side of Paradise.

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (876 Kb) Pack Art
[PDF] (1.8 MB) Download Standard Resolution
[PDF] (38.6 MB) Download Hi-Resolution
(These PDFs might not include Errata)

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This Side of Paradise contains: 45 cards (45 V)

18 V 1 Its Thinking is ChaoticDilemma
18 V 2 Lending a HandDilemma
18 V 3 LosiraDilemma
18 V 4 Parallel RomanceDilemma
18 V 5 Polywater IntoxicationDilemma
18 V 6 The Captain's "Guest"Dilemma
18 V 7 The Charismatic Mister KorDilemma
18 V 8 The Charming Mister RikerDilemma
18 V 9 The Gentleman Doctor McCoyDilemma
18 V 10 Warm WelcomeDilemma
18 V 11 Watch Your StepDilemma
18 V 12 Deal With the Count ManEvent
18 V 13 Mudd's WomenEvent
18 V 14 Raise the StakesEvent
18 V 15 A Q ScornedInterrupt
18 V 16 A Royal WelcomeInterrupt
18 V 17 Old FeelingsInterrupt
18 V 18 Track SurvivorsMission
18 V 19 Chalan Aroya, Accessible RestaurateurPersonnelBajoran
18 V 20 Neela, Misguided ActivistPersonnelBajoran
18 V 21 Seven of Nine, Prodigal Daughter (Errata)PersonnelBorg
18 V 22 Korinas, Observer from the Obsidian OrderPersonnelCardassian
18 V 23 Luaran, Critical CoordinatorPersonnelDominion
18 V 24 Alynna Nechayev, Adamant AdmiralPersonnelFederation
18 V 25 Jenna D'Sora, Veteran Security OfficerPersonnelFederation
18 V 26 Melora Pazlar, Independent PersonalityPersonnelFederation
18 V 27 Naomi Wildman, Astrometrics Officer (Errata)PersonnelFederation
18 V 28 Nella Daren, Head of Stellar CartographyPersonnelFederation
18 V 29 Number One, Reputable OfficerPersonnelFederation
18 V 30 Valeris, Co-ConspiratorPersonnelFederation
18 V 31 Watley, Recent TransferPersonnelFederation
18 V 32 Leeta, Devoted WifePersonnelFerengi
18 V 33 Quark, LumbaPersonnelFerengi
18 V 34 Ch'Regha, Open-MindedPersonnelKlingon
18 V 35 Anastasia Komananov, Russian SeductressPersonnelNon-Aligned
18 V 36 Arandis, Risan FacilitatorPersonnelNon-Aligned
18 V 37 M'Pella, Seductive EmployeePersonnelNon-Aligned
18 V 38 Marta, Delusional SeductressPersonnelNon-Aligned
18 V 39 Rayna Kapec, Developing AndroidPersonnelNon-Aligned
18 V 40 Sakonna, Puzzled InterrogatorPersonnelNon-Aligned
18 V 41 Ba'el, Naive PrisonerPersonnelRomulan
18 V 42 Kalenna, SentryPersonnelRomulan
18 V 43 Fiona McKenzie, Experienced CorporalPersonnelStarfleet
18 V 44 Gannet Brooks, Undercover OperativePersonnelStarfleet
18 V 45 U.S.S. Sao Paulo, NCC-75633ShipFederation