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Trekcc Second Edition

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Extreme Measures
A Virtual Expansion released on 2011-02-04.

Lead Designer: The Brad DeFruiter
Design Team: Michael Girard, Richard New, Charlie Plaine

Take your decks to the extreme with the risks and rewards found in Extreme Measures, the eight Second Edition Virtual Expansion from The Continuing Committee. The fifty-four (54) virtual cards contained within provide a new team for the Bajorans featuring the men and women of the Resistance. New tools for Deep Space Nine, Ferengi, and many more affiliations will help players across the world to find new ways to score points and even more ways to lose them in this expansion spiritually reminiscent of Necessary Evil. How far will you go when exploring the ins and outs of Extreme Measures?

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (942 Kb) Pack Art
[PDF] (46.5 MB) Download Hi-Resolution
(These PDFs might not include Errata)

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Extreme Measures contains: 54 cards (54 V)

23 V 1 Alien EncounterDilemma
23 V 2 Broken LinkDilemma
23 V 3 Coolant LeakDilemma
23 V 4 DesperationDilemma
23 V 5 FamilyDilemma
23 V 6 Inequitable ExchangeDilemma
23 V 7 Information ExtractionDilemma
23 V 8 Just Following OrdersDilemma
23 V 9 One Step AheadDilemma
23 V 10 The LaunchingDilemma
23 V 11 Trilithium HeistDilemma
23 V 12 Earring of Li NalasEquipmentWorld Champion Design-a-Card
2010 Tobias Rausmann

23 V 13 Resistance RifleEquipment
23 V 14 Bajoran Resistance CellEvent
23 V 15 Ferengi TraditionEvent
23 V 16 I Stand With My Shipmates (Errata)Event
23 V 17 IsabellaEvent
23 V 18 Peak PerformanceEvent
23 V 19 Promenade SchoolEvent
23 V 20 Recruitment Tactics (Errata)Event
23 V 21 Event HorizonInterrupt
23 V 22 Flaw in the PlanInterrupt
23 V 23 Hate (Errata)Interrupt
23 V 24 My Patience Has LimitsInterrupt
23 V 25 QuinnInterrupt
23 V 26 Surprise AuditInterrupt
23 V 27 Assess Contamination (Errata)Mission
23 V 28 Falsify Distress SignalMission
23 V 29 Mine VendariteMission
23 V 30 Off-World RaidMission
23 V 31 Furel, Resistance ScoutPersonnelBajoran
23 V 32 GanttPersonnelBajoran
23 V 33 Halb Daier, Resistance ContactPersonnelBajoran
23 V 34 Kira Nerys, Ih'valla (Errata)PersonnelBajoran
23 V 35 Opaka, CollaboratorPersonnelBajoran
23 V 36 Orta, Resistance LeaderPersonnelBajoran
23 V 37 Quen PaltraPersonnelBajoran
23 V 38 Surmak Ren, Resistance DoctorPersonnelBajoran
23 V 39 Broca, "Leader" of the Cardassian UnionPersonnelCardassian
23 V 40 Eris, Harbinger of the DominionPersonnelDominion
23 V 41 Charles Whatley, Professional AdmiralPersonnelFederation
23 V 42 Garth of Izar, Criminally InsanePersonnelFederationMake it So 2010 - Nathan Miracle
23 V 43 Jaresh-Inyo, Federation President (Errata)PersonnelFederation
23 V 44 Luther Sloan, Man of ActionPersonnelFederation
23 V 45 Richard Galen, Legendary ArchaeologistPersonnelFederation
23 V 46 DaiMon Solok, Cargo RunnerPersonnelFerengi
23 V 47 Croden, DissemblerPersonnelNon-Aligned
23 V 48 Deanna Troi, DurangoPersonnelNon-AlignedMake it So 2010 - Conno Hendriksen
23 V 49 Emck, Export ControllerPersonnelNon-Aligned
23 V 50 Kaitaama, Precious CargoPersonnelNon-Aligned
23 V 51 Donatra, Honorable Commander (Errata)PersonnelRomulan
23 V 52 Te'nari, Resistance FlagshipShipBajoran
23 V 53 U.S.S. Enterprise-D, Diplomatic EnvoyShipFederation
23 V 54 Eleventh Gradient, Export VesselShipNon-Aligned