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Trekcc Second Edition

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A Virtual Expansion released on 2012-09-21.

Lead Designer: Chris Lobban
Design Team: Keith Morris

"Know anything about Farpoint Station, sir? Sounds like a fairly dull place."

Celebrate a quarter-century of the adventures of Captain Picard and the crew of the NCC-1701-D with Tapestry: The Next Generation 25th Anniversary Collection. Featuring new versions of many of the crew of the Enterprise and cards from iconic moments in the show's history, Tapestry reminds us of the fun and exciting adventures from The Next Generation and brings them to your decks!

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (917 Kb) Pack Art
[PDF] (13.9 MB) Download Hi-Resolution
(These PDFs might not include Errata)

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Tapestry contains: 18 cards (18 V)

27 V 1 Ardent PredatorDilemma
27 V 2 Satarran GambitDilemma
27 V 3 Shared HallucinationDilemma
27 V 4 Provocative PloyEvent
27 V 5 Voluntary WithdrawalEvent
27 V 6 Aid Refugee ColonyMission
27 V 7 Locutus, Almost HumanPersonnelBorgMake it So Design-a-Card 2012
Nathan Miracle

27 V 8 Beverly Crusher, Encouraging CommanderPersonnelFederation
27 V 9 Data, Proud FatherPersonnelFederation
27 V 10 Miles O'Brien, Conn OfficerPersonnelFederation
27 V 11 Tasha Yar, Weapons SpecialistPersonnelFederation
27 V 12 William T. Riker, William OdanPersonnelFederationMake it So Design-a-Card 2012
Daniel Giddings

27 V 13 Toral, Arrogant ChildPersonnelKlingon
27 V 14 Thadiun Okona, Outrageous RoguePersonnelNon-Aligned
27 V 15 Wesley Crusher, Apprentice TravelerPersonnelNon-Aligned
27 V 16 Zorn, Prevaricating GropplerPersonnelNon-AlignedMake it So Design-a-Card 2012
Joshua Sheets

27 V 17 Geordi La Forge, Sleeper AgentPersonnelRomulan
27 V 18 U.S.S. Enterprise-D, Loaded for Bear (Errata)ShipFederation