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Trekcc Second Edition

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Matter of Time
A Virtual Expansion released on 2013-02-22.

Lead Designer: Charlie Plaine
Design Team: The Brad DeFruiter, John Corbett, Mark Morris

Even if you hate temporal mechanics, you're sure to value every moment of Matter of Time, the eleventh standard Second Edition Virtual Expansion from The Continuing Committee. This fifty-four (54) card virtual expansion transports you back to Second Edition's past with enhancements for long-forgotten cards, alters the present with game-changing cards to punish abusive strategies, and protects the future of the timeline custodians tasked with ensuring its survival. Make your deck one for the history books - it's only a Matter of Time.

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (1 MB) Pack Art
[PDF] (37 MB) Download Expansion
(These PDFs might not include Errata)

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Matter of Time contains: 54 cards (54 V)

28 V 1 Adversarial TrialDilemma
28 V 2 Ingenious Jury-rigDilemma
28 V 3 OverburdenedDilemma
28 V 4 Pivotal DestinyDilemma
28 V 5 Standing TrialDilemma
28 V 6 WorkforceDilemma
28 V 7 Boon of the Celestial TempleEvent
28 V 8 EmanationsEvent
28 V 9 LineageEvent
28 V 10 MouthpieceEvent
28 V 11 Reliving the PastEvent
28 V 12 Temporal Transporters (Errata)Event
28 V 13 Curious CompanionInterrupt
28 V 14 Disconcerting DisplacementInterrupt
28 V 15 Historical MonitorInterrupt
28 V 16 Preposterous PlanInterrupt
28 V 17 Devidia II, Access Temporal Conduit (Errata)Mission
28 V 18 Agricultural AssessmentMission
28 V 19 Contact Mysterious BenefactorMission
28 V 20 Enforce QuarantineMission
28 V 21 Identify Temporal DisturbanceMission
28 V 22 Prevent Historical DisruptionMission
28 V 23 Provoke Interstellar IncidentMission
28 V 24 Kaas Dromand, Devoted FanaticPersonnelBajoran
28 V 25 Yaltar, Draft SupervisorPersonnelCardassian
28 V 26 Anthony Braxton, Forward-thinking RecruiterPersonnelFederation
28 V 27 FredericksPersonnelFederation
28 V 28 Icheb, Second OfficerPersonnelFederation
28 V 29 Jocelyn LoPresti, Coming to GripsPersonnelFederation
28 V 30 Juel Ducane, Above ReproachPersonnelFederation
28 V 31 MarrisPersonnelFederation
28 V 32 Nog, Defiant CaptainPersonnelFederation
28 V 33 Rachel Garrett, Restoring the PastPersonnelFederation
28 V 34 Rhys Parker, Fulfilling DestinyPersonnelFederation
28 V 35 Richard Castillo, Assuming CommandPersonnelFederation
28 V 36 Seven of Nine, Undercover OperativePersonnelFederation
28 V 37 SimmonsPersonnelFederation
28 V 38 Tasha Yar, Requesting a TransferPersonnelFederation
28 V 39 Gral, Eager OpportunistPersonnelFerengi
28 V 40 B'Elanna Torres, Mother of the Kuvah'maghPersonnelKlingon
28 V 41 Toral, Son of DurasPersonnelKlingon
28 V 42 Brota, Son of MoghPersonnelNon-Aligned
28 V 43 Harcourt Fenton Mudd, Honest BusinessmanPersonnelNon-AlignedWill of the Collective III
28 V 44 Martus Mazur, ListenerPersonnelNon-Aligned
28 V 45 Miranda O'Brien, Proud DescendantPersonnelNon-Aligned
28 V 46 Odo, TimelessPersonnelNon-Aligned
28 V 47 Yedrin Dax, Heir ApostatePersonnelNon-Aligned
28 V 48 Telek R'Mor, Anachronistic Visitor (Errata)PersonnelRomulan
28 V 49 Daniels, Timeline ProtectorPersonnelStarfleet
28 V 50 Taluno, GuardianShipBajoran
28 V 51 Starship Enterprise, Imperial FlagshipShipFederation
28 V 52 U.S.S. Enterprise-C, Temporal LinchpinShipFederation
28 V 53 U.S.S. Relativity, Federation TimeshipShipFederation
28 V 54 U.S.S. WellsShipFederation