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Trekcc Second Edition

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Unnatural Selection
A Virtual Expansion released on 2013-08-16.

Lead Designer: Unjustly Banned
Design Team: William Hoskin, Nicholas Yankovec

Ambition, thievery, and tough choices are all part of Unnatural Selection, the twelfth standard Second Edition Virtual Expansion from The Continuing Committee. These fifty-four (54) virtual cards enable you to forge an epic destiny for Khan and his followers with a new win condition, destroy your opponent's morale by plundering their deck with new Thief strategies, and spice up your local tournament scene with dilemmas designed to police the top decks from the past year. Live fast, prosper, and take what you want by boldly making an Unnatural Selection.

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (911 KB) Pack Art
[PDF] (37 MB) Download Expansion
(These PDFs might not include Errata)

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Unnatural Selection contains: 55 cards (55 V)

29 V 1 Adopted AuthorityDilemma
29 V 2 Artificial AbilityDilemma
29 V 3 Cadet ReviewDilemma
29 V 4 Challenging RevisionDilemma
29 V 5 Identity TheftDilemma
29 V 6 Incorporeal ParasiteDilemma
29 V 7 InquestDilemma
29 V 8 Soul SearchingDilemma
29 V 9 Staffing ShortageDilemma
29 V 10 Stone-cold BluffDilemma
29 V 11 Terminal ResignationDilemma
29 V 12 The Needs of the FewDilemma
29 V 13 The Needs of the ManyDilemma
29 V 14 Tormented DreamsDilemma
29 V 15 UpstagedDilemma
29 V 16 War GamesDilemma
29 V 17 AugmentationEvent
29 V 18 Coordinated LarcenyEvent
29 V 19 Display of WealthEvent
29 V 20 Ill-gotten GainsEvent
29 V 21 Indelicate RepairsEvent
29 V 22 Organized CrimeEvent
29 V 23 PortentEvent
29 V 24 Security PrecautionsEvent
29 V 25 Tactical AdvantageEvent
29 V 26 To Rule in Hell (Errata)Event
29 V 27 Waken Superior SleeperEvent
29 V 28 Ambitious Intellect (Errata)Interrupt
29 V 29 Deleted SubroutinesInterrupt
29 V 30 Left with No ChoiceInterrupt
29 V 31 Pooling ResourcesInterrupt
29 V 32 Signs of SentienceInterrupt
29 V 33 Ariannus Passage, Loot Adrift VesselMission
29 V 34 B'omar Sovereignty, Traverse Restricted SpaceMission
29 V 35 Ceti Alpha V, Forge Settlement (Errata)Mission
29 V 35 Ceti Alpha V, Escape from PurgatoryMission
29 V 36 Rigel X, Locate Mysterious ContactMission
29 V 37 Torga IV, Strained NegotiationsMission
29 V 38 Brian EvethersPersonnelNon-Aligned
29 V 39 Dala, Con ArtistPersonnelNon-Aligned
29 V 40 Icheb, Genetic WeaponPersonnelNon-Aligned
29 V 41 Joaquin, Superhuman Lieutenant (Errata)PersonnelNon-Aligned
29 V 42 KatiPersonnelNon-Aligned
29 V 43 Marla McGivers, Superior WomanPersonnelNon-Aligned
29 V 44 McPhersonPersonnelNon-Aligned
29 V 45 MobarPersonnelNon-Aligned
29 V 46 One One, Efficiency ExpertPersonnelNon-Aligned
29 V 47 OttoPersonnelNon-Aligned
29 V 48 Sobi, Felicium DealerPersonnelNon-Aligned
29 V 49 T'Jon, Felicium AddictPersonnelNon-Aligned
29 V 50 Udar, "Smike"PersonnelNon-Aligned
29 V 51 Yuta, Last of Her LinePersonnelNon-Aligned
29 V 52 Zero Zero, Efficiency ExpertPersonnelNon-Aligned
29 V 53 Combat Vessel, Heavily ArmedShipNon-Aligned
29 V 54 Translocation RaiderShipNon-Aligned