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Trekcc Second Edition

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Face of the Enemy
A Virtual Expansion released on 2015-11-13.

Lead Designer: Tyler Fultz
Design Team: Charlie Plaine, Nathan Miracle, Ben Hosp

Prepare your fleet to encounter Face of the Enemy, the Continuing Committee's seventeenth Second Edition Virtual Expansion! After decades of silence, the Romulan Star Empire reemerges, ready to test themselves against the flagship of the Federation. Along with a new armada of options for ships of all classes, you will be compelled to gaze upon the Face of the Enemy!

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (820 KB) Pack Art
[PDF] (35 MB) Download Expansion

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Face of the Enemy contains: 45 cards (45 V)

35 V 1 Anachronistic DeviationDilemma
35 V 2 Dumb WaiterDilemma
35 V 3 Strength of ArmsDilemma
35 V 4 Unsound LogicDilemma
35 V 5 Emergency EvacuationEvent
35 V 6 Miracle WorkingEvent
35 V 7 New LifeEvent
35 V 8 Pulling RankEvent
35 V 9 Relief EffortsEvent
35 V 10 ResilienceEvent
35 V 11 Suppressed EvidenceEvent
35 V 12 War Without EndEvent
35 V 13 Zalkonian Storage CapsuleEvent
35 V 14 Imperial EntanglementsInterrupt
35 V 15 Relative DimensionsInterrupt
35 V 16 Kaleb Sector, Covert RendezvousMission
35 V 17 Nelvana III, Compelling ThreatMission
35 V 18 Romulus, Patient StrongholdMission
35 V 19 TuroPersonnelCardassian
35 V 20 BransonPersonnelFederation
35 V 21 Erik Pressman, Stern AuthoritarianPersonnelFederation
35 V 22 GarveyPersonnelFederation
35 V 23 Homn, Lurching ValetPersonnelFederation
35 V 24 Kurn, Exchange OfficerPersonnelFederation
35 V 25 Lwaxana Troi, Psychic TutorPersonnelFederation
35 V 26 MartinezPersonnelFederation
35 V 27 Nog, Communications RelayPersonnelFederation
35 V 28 RichardsonPersonnelFederation
35 V 29 Spock, Maverick DiplomatPersonnelFederation
35 V 30 St. John Talbot, Embittered ConsulPersonnelFederation
35 V 31 KayronPersonnelFerengi
35 V 32 Korrd, Obsolete ConsulPersonnelKlingon
35 V 33 KrommPersonnelKlingon
35 V 34 Caithlin Dar, Innocent ConsulPersonnelRomulan
35 V 35 NavokPersonnelRomulan
35 V 36 RasulPersonnelRomulan
35 V 37 Retaya, Chemical AgentPersonnelRomulan
35 V 38 Stefan DeSeve, Disillusioned ExpatriatePersonnelRomulan
35 V 39 TagusPersonnelRomulan
35 V 40 Thei, Candid AnalystPersonnelRomulan
35 V 41 VarelPersonnelRomulan
35 V 42 U.S.S. Enterprise-E, Royal RefugeShipBorg
35 V 43 U.S.S. Defiant, Enduring DefenderShipFederation
35 V 44 I.K.S. Negh'Var, Imperial FlagshipShipKlingon
35 V 45 T'Met, Timely ReinforcementShipRomulan