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Trekcc Second Edition

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Hard Time
A Virtual Expansion released on 2016-09-09.

Lead Designer: Richard New
Design Team: Charlie Plaine, Nathan Miracle, Jeremy Benedict

The Continuing Committee has no information about Hard Time, the nineteenth Second Edition Virtual Expansion. It certainly isn't full of underhanded counterparts to classic dilemmas of the past, nor a contingent of smugglers and contraband ready for mischief, nor a cadre of villains eager to reshape the quadrant. But if you see any such wrongdoing, report to the nearest constable to make sure those criminals serve some Hard Time.

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (880 KB) Pack Art
[PDF] (34 MB) Download Expansion

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Hard Time contains: 45 cards (45 V)

38 V 1 Any Methods NecessaryDilemma
38 V 2 Covert ExtractionDilemma
38 V 3 DisasterDilemma
38 V 4 Hard of HeartDilemma
38 V 5 Historical PursuitDilemma
38 V 6 Journey to the PastDilemma
38 V 7 Know Thy EnemyDilemma
38 V 8 Pattern LossDilemma
38 V 9 Silent WitnessDilemma
38 V 10 Surface DefenseDilemma
38 V 11 Underlying InfluenceDilemma
38 V 12 Unorthodox RecruitmentDilemma
38 V 13 Vanishing ActDilemma
38 V 14 Denevan CrystalsEvent
38 V 15 Iota Geminorum IV, Relocate Polygeminus GrexMission
38 V 16 Kavis Alpha, Research Binary StarMission
38 V 17 Maranga IV, Ecological CrisisMission
38 V 18 BrinPersonnelBajoran
38 V 19 SoradPersonnelBajoran
38 V 20 Connectivity DronePersonnelBorg
38 V 21 Damar, Resourceful SupervisorPersonnelCardassian
38 V 22 Danig KellPersonnelCardassian
38 V 23 NidetPersonnelCardassian
38 V 24 GreitakPersonnelDominion
38 V 25 Guna'shanPersonnelDominion
38 V 26 PimooPersonnelDominion
38 V 27 Jean-Luc Picard, UnraveledPersonnelFederation
38 V 28 Kodos the Executioner, "Anton Karidian"PersonnelFederation
38 V 29 Tuvok, Stolid EnsignPersonnelFederation
38 V 30 Benjamin Sisko, Grand ProxyPersonnelFerengi
38 V 31 ProsarPersonnelFerengi
38 V 32 FiluzPersonnelKlingon
38 V 33 Kurn, Son of MoghPersonnelKlingon
38 V 34 Ah-KelPersonnelNon-Aligned
38 V 35 AllamillPersonnelNon-Aligned
38 V 36 Brathaw, First MatePersonnelNon-Aligned
38 V 37 DarPersonnelNon-Aligned
38 V 38 Hippocrates Noah, Visionary MastermindPersonnelNon-Aligned
38 V 39 Rax'NaPersonnelNon-Aligned
38 V 40 RionojPersonnelNon-Aligned
38 V 41 Ro-KelPersonnelNon-Aligned
38 V 42 Verad, Rejected CandidatePersonnelNon-Aligned
38 V 43 Zef'No, Professional CourierPersonnelNon-Aligned
38 V 44 Vreenak, Scornful SenatorPersonnelRomulan
38 V 45 Calondon, GunrunnerShipNon-Aligned