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Trekcc Second Edition

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The Undiscovered Country
A Virtual Expansion released on 2008-05-09.

Lead Designer: The Brad DeFruiter
Design Team: Michael Girard, Matt Kirk, Charlie Plaine

From what we left behind, venture forth into The Undiscovered Country in this new, 45-card virtual expansion. Featuring more than a dozen cards from Star Trek VI and cards for each affiliation and sub-affiliation, this groundbreaking expansion will open up new game play and revitalize old cards.

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (910 Kb) Pack Art
[PDF] (1.78 MB) Download Standard Resolution
[PDF] (36.1 MB) Download Hi-Resolution
(These PDFs might not include Errata)

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The Undiscovered Country contains: 45 cards (45 V)

15 V 1 Breaking the IceDilemma
15 V 2 Curt ReprimandDilemma
15 V 3 Ferengi Locator BombDilemma
15 V 4 Instigate DissensionDilemma
15 V 5 Once More Unto the Breach (Errata)DilemmaWorld Champion Design-a-Card
2007 Caleb Grace

15 V 6 Predictable ResponseDilemma
15 V 7 Show TrialDilemma
15 V 8 The Conscience of the KingDilemma
15 V 9 We'll Never KnowDilemma
15 V 10 What Lies BeneathDilemma
15 V 11 Debate Over DinnerEvent
15 V 12 Inexorable TortureEvent
15 V 13 Operation RetrieveEvent
15 V 14 Strength of SpiritEvent
15 V 15 The Cost of FreedomEvent
15 V 16 The Void AllianceEvent
15 V 17 Treasured CollectiblesEvent
15 V 18 What You Leave BehindEvent
15 V 19 Shall We Not Revenge?Interrupt
15 V 20 Surprise AmityInterrupt
15 V 21 The Perils of PeacemakingInterrupt
15 V 22 Warrior's ResolveInterrupt
15 V 23 Aldea, Aid Legendary Civilization (Errata)Mission
15 V 24 Breach BarrierMission
15 V 25 Kira Nerys, RescuerPersonnelBajoran
15 V 26 Vaatrik Pallra, Seductive ManipulatorPersonnelBajoran
15 V 27 Harvest DronePersonnelBorg
15 V 28 Synergy DronePersonnelBorg
15 V 29 Three of Twelve, Specialty DronePersonnelBorg
15 V 30 Weyoun, Scheming NegotiatorPersonnelDominion
15 V 31 Hikaru Sulu, Loyal CaptainPersonnelFederation
15 V 32 Jake Sisko, Engineer's ApprenticePersonnelFederation
15 V 33 Lance Cartwright, Co-ConspiratorPersonnelFederation
15 V 34 Laurence T. Stone, PortmasterPersonnelFederation
15 V 35 Nog, Eager EnsignPersonnelFederation
15 V 36 Gaila, Arms DealerPersonnelFerengi
15 V 37 Azetbur, Visionary ChancellorPersonnelKlingon
15 V 38 Kerla, Military AdvisorPersonnelKlingon
15 V 39 Annorax, Temporal ArchitectPersonnelNon-Aligned
15 V 40 Kes, Experienced OcampaPersonnelNon-Aligned
15 V 41 D'Ral, Mutinous CommanderPersonnelRomulan
15 V 42 SorusPersonnelRomulan
15 V 43 Jonathan Archer, Heroic DiplomatPersonnelStarfleet
15 V 44 U.S.S. Enterprise-D, Salvaged ShipShipFerengi
15 V 45 Kyana's Hope, Temporal WeaponShipNon-Aligned