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Zero Hour
A Virtual Expansion released on 2017-06-02.

Lead Designer: Keith Morris
Design Team: John Corbett, Ben Hosp, Alexey Korolev

It's time to explode into action with Zero Hour, the Continuing Committee's twentieth Second Edition virtual expansion! The culmination of the past few years in Second Edition design, you'll find new tools for the variety of archetypes that Phase II showcased. Keep your shields up and phasers charged, because these affiliations will be combat ready when the clock ticks down and Zero Hour strikes!

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (890 KB) Pack Art
[PDF] (35.4 MB) Download Expansion

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Zero Hour contains: 45 cards (45 V)

40 V 1Bread and CircusesDilemma
40 V 2Brink of WarDilemma
40 V 3Dragon's TeethDilemma
40 V 4FlashpointDilemma
40 V 5Harried and HarassedDilemma
40 V 6Kadis-kotDilemma
40 V 7Shaken ConfidenceDilemma
40 V 8Unfamiliar EtiquetteDilemma
40 V 9Weight of CommandDilemma
40 V 10 Catastrophic QuipEvent
40 V 11Desperate CounterEvent
40 V 12Effective DeterrentEvent
40 V 13 Hidden StringsEvent
40 V 14 Hostilities UnleashedEvent
40 V 15Orchestrated AttackEvent
40 V 16 Particle 010Event
40 V 17 Pressing OnEvent
40 V 18VendettaEvent
40 V 19Well WishesEvent
40 V 20The Big PictureInterrupt
40 V 21 Andoria, Contact Reclusive CivilizationMission
40 V 22 Ceres Ecliptic, Intercept Perceived ThreatMission
40 V 23 Delta Pavonis, Secure ExpansionMission
40 V 24 Soltok IV, Transport "Medical Supplies"Mission
40 V 25HelerPersonnelBajoran
40 V 26 Okala Ahnlo, Unsung HeroPersonnelBajoran
40 V 27 Nine of Seventeen, Multiplexor DronePersonnelBorg
40 V 28 Dolak, Offended NeighborPersonnelCardassian
40 V 29 Makbar, State JuristPersonnelCardassian
40 V 30 Weyoun, Shrewd StrategistPersonnelDominion
40 V 31 James Morrow, SurvivorPersonnelFederation
40 V 32 L.M.H. Mark I, Scintillating PersonalityPersonnelFederation
40 V 33 Michael Jonas, Crafty MechanicPersonnelFederation
40 V 34 Pavel A. Chekov, Experienced AdeptPersonnelFederation
40 V 35RalamiPersonnelFederation
40 V 36S'rrelPersonnelFederation
40 V 37 Valeris, Faithless ProtégéePersonnelFederation
40 V 38 William T. Riker, Facing ApotheosisPersonnelFederation
40 V 39 K'Ehleyr, Uncertain EmissaryPersonnelKlingon
40 V 40 Worf, Desirous DisciplePersonnelKlingon
40 V 41 Rota Sevrin, Deranged DoctorPersonnelNon-Aligned
40 V 42 Zefram Cochrane, Breaking HistoryPersonnelNon-Aligned
40 V 43Ethan NovakovichPersonnelStarfleet
40 V 44 Malcolm Reed, Protocol PioneerPersonnelStarfleet
40 V 45 Scimitar, Reman WarbirdShipRomulan