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Trekcc Second Edition

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Shattered Mirror
A Virtual Expansion released on 2018-12-07.

Lead Designer:
Design Team: Daniel Giddings, Ben Hosp, Charlie Plaine, Lucas Thompson

Get to work, Terran scum! Join your comrades toiling away in Shattered Mirror, the twentythird Star Trek CCG Second Edition virtual expansion from The Continuing Committee. You'll find both the mighty Klingon-Cardassian (and also Bajoran) Alliance and its bedraggled labor force aboard Terok Nor. If working your former oppressors to death isn't your cup of raktajino, maybe you'll like new tools for the prime universe's Klingon Empire. Know your place, follow the rules, and you might even enjoy Shattered Mirror!

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (890 KB) Pack Art
[PDF] (31 MB) Download Expansion

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Shattered Mirror contains: 36 cards (36 V)

46 V 1 Arresting DisplayDilemma
46 V 2 Compromised ExperimentDilemma
46 V 3 Elemental InstabilityDilemma
46 V 4 OverindulgenceDilemma
46 V 5 Threading the NeedleDilemma
46 V 6 Xenophobic OutburstDilemma
46 V 7 The Shroud of the SwordEquipment
46 V 8 A History of CollusionEvent
46 V 9 Lethal WoundEvent
46 V 10 Psychotic ImpulseEvent
46 V 11 Racial DisdainEvent
46 V 12 Shocking RevelationEvent
46 V 13 Axiana, Secure ColonyMission
46 V 14 Bajor, Terok NorMission
46 V 15 Barradas III, Plunder RuinsMission
46 V 16 Boreth, Place of QuestionsMission
46 V 17 Denorios Belt, Silence ProphetsMission
46 V 18 Nimbus III, Hostage CrisisMission
46 V 19 Ezri Tigan, Cynical MercenaryPersonnelBajoran
46 V 20 Romara Cal, Personal PhysicianPersonnelBajoran
46 V 21 Teleportation DronePersonnelBorg
46 V 22 Julian Bashir, Visiting ColleaguePersonnelFederation
46 V 23 BroikPersonnelFerengi
46 V 24 Ba'el, Reconciling DifferencesPersonnelKlingon
46 V 25 Duras the Elder, Son of ToralPersonnelKlingon
46 V 26 GorvilPersonnelKlingon
46 V 27 K'radPersonnelKlingon
46 V 28 Klaa, Dauntless HunterPersonnelKlingon
46 V 29 Kortar, Slayer of GodsPersonnelKlingon
46 V 30 Valkris, Loyalty UnshakenPersonnelKlingon
46 V 31 Vekma, Impartial AppraiserPersonnelKlingon
46 V 32 0413-ThetaPersonnelNon-Aligned
46 V 33 ErrolPersonnelNon-Aligned
46 V 34 Jennifer Sisko, Sympathetic ProfessorPersonnelNon-Aligned
46 V 35 Alliance GalorShipCardassian
46 V 36 Alliance Vor'chaShipKlingon