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Trekcc Second Edition

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Sacrifice of Angels
A Virtual Expansion released on 2019-10-04.

Lead Designer:
Design Team: Ben Hosp, John Corbett, Michael Shea

Red alert! Raise shields and prepare to engage Sacrifice of Angels, the twenty-fifth virtual expansion for Star Trek CCG Second Edition, from The Continuing Committee! A mighty armada of battle-related cards descends upon the galaxy. Upgrade your tactical database with a slew of Maneuvers and Assaults, overpower foes with potent new weapons, and even experience Bij with a challenging "captain." I give two minutes for you, and your gallant crew, to surrender, or else prepare to fight, because it's time to face the Sacrifice of Angels!

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[PDF] (43.7 MB) Download Expansion
(These PDFs might not include Errata)

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Sacrifice of Angels contains: 54 cards (54 V)

49 V 1 Cutting RemarkDilemma
49 V 2 RascalsDilemma
49 V 3 Royale Casino: CrapsDilemma
49 V 4 The Doomsday MachineDilemma
49 V 5 The PhaseDilemma
49 V 6 Truculent StatecraftDilemma
49 V 7 Guinan's RifleEquipment
49 V 8 Mantle of the EmpireEquipment
49 V 9 Omnipotent ArmamentEquipment
49 V 10 Tommy GunEquipment
49 V 11 All Available PersonnelEvent
49 V 12 Change of Venue (Errata)Event
49 V 13 Code of the UshaanEvent
49 V 14 Cripple EnginesEvent
49 V 15 Dark DissensionEvent
49 V 16 Disable ShieldsEvent
49 V 17 Imperial OccupationEvent
49 V 18 Invasion PlansEvent
49 V 19 Life-Changing Encounter (Errata)Event
49 V 20 Logistical LifelineEvent
49 V 21 Orbital Weapon PlatformEvent
49 V 22 Provocative LevityEvent
49 V 23 Ruthless EfficiencyEvent
49 V 24 Scum and VillainyEvent
49 V 25 Search and DestroyEvent
49 V 26 Shock TroopsEvent
49 V 27 Strategic Tug-of-WarEvent
49 V 28 Target the Main GeneratorEvent
49 V 29 Calculated ConcessionInterrupt
49 V 30 Defend It and HopeInterrupt
49 V 31 Full ThrottleInterrupt
49 V 32 Stunning ReversalInterrupt
49 V 33 Earth Outpost 4, Border IncursionMission
49 V 34 Gorlan Sector, Crush the RebellionMission
49 V 35 V'morPersonnelBajoran
49 V 36 Winn Adami, Uneasy ShepherdPersonnelBajoran
49 V 37 Locutus, Implacable ScourgePersonnelBorg
49 V 38 Elim Garak, Cold-Blooded MastermindPersonnelCardassian
49 V 39 Drai, First HunterPersonnelDominion
49 V 40 Tosk, Noble PreyPersonnelDominion
49 V 41 Geordi La Forge, Resolute PresencePersonnelFederation
49 V 42 Hikaru Sulu, Cunning Tactician (Errata)PersonnelFederation
49 V 43 Klim Dokachin, Officious QuartermasterPersonnelFederation
49 V 44 Kyle Riker, Hard as NailsPersonnelFederation
49 V 45 Savar, Alien PawnPersonnelFederation
49 V 46 Bok, Spiteful SalvagerPersonnelFerengi
49 V 47 Gowron, Without HonorPersonnelKlingon
49 V 48 Kavok, Challenging CaptainPersonnelKlingon
49 V 49 Devinoni Ral, Hired Gun (Errata)PersonnelNon-Aligned
49 V 50 Repurposed E.M.H.PersonnelNon-Aligned
49 V 51 Letant, Sneering LiaisonPersonnelRomulan
49 V 52 Kraxon, Watchful WarshipShipCardassian
49 V 53 I.K.S. Chontay, On the HuntShipKlingon
49 V 54 Regency 1, Alliance FlagshipShipKlingon