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Trekcc Second Edition

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2E Physical editions map What You Leave Behind In A Mirror Darkly These Are The Voyages Genesis Captain's Log Dangerous Missions Adversaries Collection To Boldly Go Strange New Worlds Archive Portrait Reflections 2.0 Fractured Time Tenth Anniversary Collection Necessary Evil Call to Arms Energize Starter Reprints Second Edition Promo Cards
2E Virtual editions map The Menagerie Classification: Civilian Caretaker Heroes and Demons Shore Leave Move Along Home Apocalypse Rising All Our Yesterdays The Omega Directive Inheritance Borderless Promos Sacrifice of Angels A Less Perfect Union Qpid Shattered Mirror Warp Pack: Access Denied Far Beyond the Stars Symbiosis Dead Stop The Nth Degree Zero Hour Star Trek 50 Hard Time Infinite Diversity Remastered A Time to Stand Face of the Enemy Lower Decks Strange Bedfellows 20th Anniversary Collection Balance of Terror Return to Grace Unnatural Selection Matter of Time Tapestry Lineage Unity Tacking Into the Wind Extreme Measures Peak Performance Infinite Diversity Allegiance Legacy This Side of Paradise Raise the Stakes Favor the Bold The Undiscovered Country Virtual Promo Cards
A Virtual Expansion released on 2019-12-27.

Lead Designer:
Design Team: Lucas Thompson, Sean O'Reilly, Daniel Giddings

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[PDF] (21.4 MB) Download Expansion
(These PDFs might not include Errata)

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Inheritance contains: 27 cards (27 VP)

0 VP 293 Edo ProbeDilemma
0 VP 294 Hippocratic OathDilemma
0 VP 294 *Hippocratic OathDilemma
0 VP 295 Rules of ObedienceDilemma
0 VP 296 SpotDilemma
0 VP 297 Borg NanoprobesEquipment
0 VP 298 Population 9 Billion - All BorgEvent
0 VP 298 * Population 9 Billion - All BorgEvent
0 VP 299 I'm a Doctor, Not a BricklayerInterrupt
0 VP 300 Devidia II, Investigate Time ContinuumMission
0 VP 301 Fontaine, Enigmatic Rebel (Errata)PersonnelBajoran
0 VP 302 Rinnak PirePersonnelBajoran
0 VP 303 Ilon Tandro, Special EnvoyPersonnelCardassian
0 VP 304 Meso'Clan, Self-Sacrificing FourthPersonnelDominion
0 VP 305 Donald Varley, Discoverer of IconiaPersonnelFederation
0 VP 306 Dulmer, Temporal InvestigatorPersonnelFederation
0 VP 307 Jack Crusher, Beloved FatherPersonnelFederation
0 VP 308 Lucsly, Temporal InvestigatorPersonnelFederation
0 VP 309 Naomi Wildman, Obliging AssistantPersonnelFederation
0 VP 310 The Traveler, LakantaPersonnelFederation
0 VP 311 Gegis, Exploitative ProfiteerPersonnelFerengi
0 VP 312 Ch'Pok, Vexing AdvocatePersonnelKlingon
0 VP 313 Amarie, Information BrokerPersonnelNon-Aligned
0 VP 314 Timicin, Irresolute ScientistPersonnelNon-Aligned
0 VP 315 William T. Riker, Treasonous Thieving PiratePersonnelNon-Aligned
0 VP 316 U.S.S. Yamato, Contagious ExplorerShipFederation
0 VP 317 Pi, Off CourseShipRomulan