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Trekcc Second Edition

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The Omega Directive
A Virtual Expansion released on 2020-04-17.

Lead Designer: Michael Shea
Design Team: Anastasia Kalashnikova

The Continuing Committee proudly presents the landmark fiftieth set of Star Trek CCG Second Edition (and the game's thirty-sixth virtual expansion): The Omega Directive. To honor this milestone, you'll find a supply of 50-point missions and cards that care about them. Enjoy the expanded the possibilities for pulling off a two-mission win, but be warned: such high-stakes ventures aren't going to be easy. Fortunately, the set also provides a certain group of brainiacs who are willing to help out. Celebrate our game's longevity and prepare to implement The Omega Directive!

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[PDF] (10 MB) Download Expansion
[PDF] (730 KB) Download Cover Sheet
[PNG] (1.5 MB) Download Pack Art

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The Omega Directive contains: 18 cards (18 V)

50 V 1 Garak Has Some IssuesDilemma
50 V 2 Bajoran Sector, Engage Enemy ForcesMission
50 V 3 Bassen Rift, Interdict Genocidal PraetorMission
50 V 4 Cardassia Prime, Secure HomeworldMission
50 V 5 Earth, Conduct EspionageMission
50 V 6 Northwest Passage, Resist Extradimensional InvasionMission
50 V 7 Parliament, Attend Diplomatic ConferenceMission
50 V 8 Tyree, Follow Cryptic VisionMission
50 V 9 Vintaak System, Seize Tactical AdvantageMission
50 V 10 Reese, Grizzled SurvivorPersonnelFederation
50 V 11 Badar N'D'D, Parliamentary PredatorPersonnelNon-Aligned
50 V 12 Bevvox, Ancient IntellectPersonnelNon-Aligned
50 V 13 Fennim, Incisive PhysicianPersonnelNon-Aligned
50 V 14 Kurros, Brilliant TacticianPersonnelNon-Aligned
50 V 15 Ssestar, Parliamentary PreyPersonnelNon-Aligned
50 V 16 Sullin, Gifted ResearcherPersonnelNon-Aligned
50 V 17 The Artificial Intelligence, Soul of an ArtistPersonnelNon-Aligned
50 V 18 Think Tank Ship, Ivory TowerShipNon-Aligned