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Trekcc Second Edition

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All Our Yesterdays
A Virtual Expansion released on 2020-08-28.

Lead Designer: Richard New
Design Team: Anastasia Kalashnikova, Nathan Miracle, Lucas Thompson

The Continuing Committee presents All Our Yesterdays, the thirty-seventh virtual expansion of Star Trek CCG Second Edition, and the harbinger of a new future of interactive gameplay! Alter the timeline to suit your fancy, or restore it to reflect the history you know. How many temporal violations will you commit when you experience All Our Yesterdays?

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[PDF] (16 MB) Download Expansion
[PDF] (748 KB) Download Cover Sheet
[PNG] (1.5 MB) Download Pack Art

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All Our Yesterdays contains: 27 cards (27 V)

51 V 1 Anachronistic MeddlersDilemma
51 V 2 Divisive PatronDilemma
51 V 3 ForewarnedDilemma
51 V 4 Proclamation of DoomDilemma
51 V 5 Spoiler WarningDilemma
51 V 6 Bar BrawlInterrupt
51 V 7 Gateway, Flee in TerrorMission
51 V 7 * 1930 Earth, Prevent Fateful EncounterMission
51 V 8 Na'kuhl Prime, Fight for DominanceMission
51 V 8 * Alternate 1944 Earth, Restore TimelineMission
51 V 9 Igrilan KorPersonnelFederation
51 V 10 John Christopher, Bluejay 4PersonnelFederation
51 V 11 Spock, Transtemporal Truth-TellerPersonnelFederation
51 V 12 GonikPersonnelKlingon
51 V 13 Kered, Bemused ExecutionerPersonnelKlingon
51 V 14 KomalPersonnelKlingon
51 V 15 Krase, Bellicose CommanderPersonnelKlingon
51 V 16 WotelnPersonnelKlingon
51 V 17 D'JamatPersonnelNon-Aligned
51 V 18 Edith Keeler, Must DiePersonnelNon-Aligned
51 V 19 Shras, Passionate PlenipotentiaryPersonnelNon-Aligned
51 V 20 Thelev, "Andorian" TerroristPersonnelNon-Aligned
51 V 21 LeodisPersonnelRomulan
51 V 22 Jane TaylorPersonnelStarfleet
51 V 23 Jhamel, Strong SisterPersonnelStarfleet
51 V 24 I.K.S. Amar, Pugnacious ResponderShipKlingon
51 V 25 Memenda, Charvanek's FlagshipShipRomulan