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Trekcc Second Edition

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Apocalypse Rising
A Virtual Expansion released on 2020-11-13.

Lead Designer: Michael Shea
Design Team: Nathan Miracle, Lucas Thompson

The Continuing Committee presents the fifty-second set of Second Edition, Apocalypse Rising, the first of two virtual expansions that explore the unfolding conflict that threatens to consume the galaxy. Everybody has to choose sides, whether you lead the Dominion to its greatest victory yet, or stand against the encroaching darkness. You, and the Alpha Quadrant, have reached Apocalypse Rising: welcome to paradise.

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[PDF] (16 MB) Download Expansion
[PDF] (848 KB) Download Cover Sheet
[PNG] (2.1 MB) Download Pack Art
(These PDFs might not include Errata)

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Apocalypse Rising contains: 27 cards (27 V)

52 V 1 These Things HappenDilemma
52 V 2 Military Recon ProgramEvent
52 V 3 Playing by the Rules (Errata)Event
52 V 4 Valuable Real EstateEvent
52 V 5 I Won't Miss HimInterrupt
52 V 6 Cardassia Prime, Subjugated PlanetMission
52 V 7 Empok Nor, Negotiate Prisoner ExchangeMission
52 V 8 Klingon Borderland, Maintain Operational SecrecyMission
52 V 9 Kira Nerys, Fifth ColumnistPersonnelBajoran
52 V 10 Odo, "Kodrak the Unenthused"PersonnelBajoran
52 V 11 Broca, Useful IdiotPersonnelDominion
52 V 12 Damar, Aggrieved SubjectPersonnelDominion
52 V 13 Founder Leader, Desperate DictatorPersonnelDominion
52 V 14 Lemec, Prefect of BetazedPersonnelDominion
52 V 15 Morad'inarPersonnelDominion
52 V 16 PralekPersonnelDominion
52 V 17 Benjamin Sisko, "Jodmos, Son of Kobor"PersonnelFederation
52 V 18 Kellin, Losing FaithPersonnelFederation
52 V 19 Miles O'Brien, "Pahash the Grumpy"PersonnelFederation
52 V 20 Nadia Larkin, Dutiful SoldierPersonnelFederation
52 V 21 Nog, Sharp-Eared SentinelPersonnelFederation
52 V 22 Vargas, Shell-shockedPersonnelFederation
52 V 23 Weyoun Hologram, Inquisitor's ToolPersonnelFederation
52 V 24 Worf, Mentoring "Klingons"PersonnelFederation
52 V 25 Quark, Frontline ObserverPersonnelFerengi
52 V 26 Dominion GalorShipDominion
52 V 27 Izir'isel, Lemec's WarshipShipDominion