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Trekcc Second Edition

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Heroes and Demons
A Virtual Expansion released on 2021-05-07.

Lead Designer: Michael Shea
Design Team: Lucas Thompson, Nathan Miracle

The Continuing Committee is going into battle alongside Heroes and Demons, the fortieth virtual expansion for Star Trek CCG Second Edition!

You may side with those who smell the scent of death on the Federation, or make a moral choice to resist the darkness. The Dominion gains a new ally in its invasion, and an unwitting partner within Starfleet. Meanwhile, major Alpha Quadrant powers also take aggressive steps to menace the Federation. On whose side will you stand in the struggle between Heroes and Demons?

Download this Virtual Expansion!

[PDF] (48.6 MB) [DL] Expansion
[PDF] (922 KB) [DL] Cover Sheet
[PNG] (1.4 MB) [DL] Pack Art

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Heroes and Demons contains: 54 cards (54 V)

55 V 1 One More Brush FireDilemma
55 V 2 Piratical BoardersDilemma
55 V 3 Acquired Disruptor RifleEquipment
55 V 4 Son'a Disruptor PistolEquipment
55 V 5 Droning InvitationEvent
55 V 6 Filing a ProtestEvent
55 V 7 In Your FaceEvent
55 V 8 Isolytic DetonationEvent
55 V 9 Obstructive PosturingEvent
55 V 10 Principled StandEvent
55 V 11 Rule of Acquisition #45Event
55 V 12 Rule of Acquisition #62Event
55 V 13 Immoral ChoiceInterrupt
55 V 14 Ba'ku Planet, Collect Metaphasic ParticlesMission
55 V 15 Betazed, Seize AssetMission
55 V 16 Devos II, Secure Son'a Outpost (Errata)Mission
55 V 17 Galorndon Core, Execute Surreptitious OperationMission
55 V 18 McAllister C-5 Nebula, Marshal Invasion FleetMission
55 V 19 Metreon Cloud, Engage Enemy ShipMission
55 V 20 Sector 441, Analyze RadiationMission
55 V 21 Macet, Reluctant WarriorPersonnelCardassian
55 V 22 Gallatin, Once Called Gal'naPersonnelDominion
55 V 23 Pa'renaPersonnelDominion
55 V 24 Rae'alinPersonnelDominion
55 V 25 Ru'afo, Once Called Ro'tinPersonnelDominion
55 V 26 Sam'po, Left in CommandPersonnelDominion
55 V 27 Beverly Crusher, Principled PhysicianPersonnelFederation
55 V 28 Data, Principled RoguePersonnelFederation
55 V 29 Deanna Troi, Principled HeartPersonnelFederation
55 V 30 Geordi La Forge, Illuminated AdvocatePersonnelFederation
55 V 31 Jean-Luc Picard, Principled MaverickPersonnelFederation
55 V 32 Kell Perim, Unjoined AdvocatePersonnelFederation
55 V 33 Matthew Dougherty, "Partner" in CrimePersonnelFederation
55 V 34 William T. Riker, Smooth AdvocatePersonnelFederation
55 V 35 Worf, Principled WarriorPersonnelFederation
55 V 36 Berik, Now BoardingPersonnelFerengi
55 V 37 MortaPersonnelFerengi
55 V 38 Nibor, Competitive PawnPersonnelFerengi
55 V 39 Omag, "Fat Ferengi"PersonnelFerengi
55 V 40 B'Etor, Cutthroat AccomplicePersonnelKlingon
55 V 41 Lursa, Cutthroat AccomplicePersonnelKlingon
55 V 42 Sela, Daughter of TashaPersonnelKlingon
55 V 43 Tolian Soran, Mad ScientistPersonnelKlingon
55 V 44 Anij, Guiding LightPersonnelNon-Aligned
55 V 45 Artim, Inspirational ChildPersonnelNon-Aligned
55 V 46 Sojef, Pacifistic LudditePersonnelNon-Aligned
55 V 47 Duras, Romulan ConspiratorPersonnelRomulan
55 V 48 Tallus, Blustering PursuerPersonnelRomulan
55 V 49 Tomalak, Smug AntagonistPersonnelRomulan
55 V 50 Li'seria, Son'a FlagshipShipDominion
55 V 51 Son'a BattleshipShipDominion
55 V 52 Cousteau, Captain's YachtShipFederation
55 V 53 I.K.S. Cha'Joh, Sisters' Bird-of-PreyShipKlingon
55 V 54 Ehrehin, AvengerShipRomulan