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Trekcc Second Edition

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A Virtual Expansion released on 2021-10-08.

Lead Designer:
Design Team: Daniel Giddings, Benjamin Rostoker

The Continuing Committee is proud to present Caretaker, the conclusion to a series of expansions designed around the theme of interaction.

This time, join a Federation crew marooned far from home. As you journey with them, you may clown around, face the overwhelming power of Species 8472, lose yourself in the holodeck, cast aside your principles, defend your honor with Klingons, or fight for the cause of notorious outlaws. Explore the other side of the galaxy, and beyond, with Caretaker!

Download this Expansion!

[PDF] (19.0 MB) [DL] Expansion
[PDF] (765 KB) [DL] Cover Sheet
[PNG] (2.4 MB) [DL] Pack Art

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Caretaker contains: 63 cards (63 V)

56 V 1 Bio-ship AttackDilemma
56 V 2 Equinox ConspiracyDilemma
56 V 3 Photonic TurncoatDilemma
56 V 4 Plans Within PlansDilemma
56 V 5 Race RelationsDilemma
56 V 6 SuspicionDilemma
56 V 7 Tak Tak NegotiationsDilemma
56 V 8 The Clown: CelebrationDilemma
56 V 9 The Clown: Cloaking DeviceDilemma
56 V 10 The Clown: Fear IncarnateDilemma
56 V 11 The Clown: UltimatumDilemma
56 V 12 The Killing GameDilemma
56 V 13 Your Galaxy Is ImpureDilemma
56 V 14 Ha'Dara SimulationEvent
56 V 15 Implant Neural InterfaceEvent
56 V 16 Nyrian TranslocationEvent
56 V 17 Sainte Claire WargameEvent
56 V 18 Holodeck Safety ProtocolsInterrupt
56 V 19 ReconfigureInterrupt
56 V 20 Triquadric AlgorithmsInterrupt
56 V 21 We Require Your ExpertiseInterrupt
56 V 22 Akritirian Detention Facility, Prison BreakMission
56 V 23 Bahrat's Space Station, Negotiate for SuppliesMission
56 V 24 Former Briori Colony, Investigate SOSMission
56 V 25 Kohl Settlement, Thaw Hibernating SurvivorsMission
56 V 26 New Earth, Quarantine Infected CrewMission
56 V 27 Ocampa System, Salvage DebrisMission
56 V 28 Plasma Storm Depths, Search for Missing VesselMission
56 V 29 Rakosa System, Intercept "Dreadnought"Mission
56 V 30 Subspace "Sandbar", Contact Photonic LifeformsMission
56 V 31 Seska, Complicated LoyaltiesPersonnelBajoran
56 V 32 Chronology DronePersonnelBorg
56 V 33 Countermeasure DronePersonnelBorg
56 V 34 Third of Five, Altruistic IndividualPersonnelBorg
56 V 35 Alex Porter, Campaign VeteranPersonnelFederation
56 V 36 BermanPersonnelFederation
56 V 37 CarlsonPersonnelFederation
56 V 38 Chakotay, The Galaxy's Most WantedPersonnelFederation
56 V 39 DoylePersonnelFederation
56 V 40 Dr. Crell Moset, Medical Consultant ProgramPersonnelFederation
56 V 41 Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, Diagnostic Program Alpha One OnePersonnelFederation
56 V 42 E.M.H. Mark II, Newborn but Filled with CouragePersonnelFederation
56 V 43 Geordi La Forge, Temporal EnforcerPersonnelFederation
56 V 44 Mariah HenleyPersonnelFederation
56 V 45 PembertonPersonnelFederation
56 V 46 PillerPersonnelFederation
56 V 47 Revised KizarPersonnelFederation
56 V 48 Rollins, Trusted SubordinatePersonnelFederation
56 V 49 Sidney Albert, HardheartedPersonnelFederation
56 V 50 TaylorPersonnelFederation
56 V 51 Tessa Omond, Temporal ConspiratorPersonnelFederation
56 V 52 Tricia Jenkins, Relaxed PilotPersonnelFederation
56 V 53 William T. Riker, Surprised WitnessPersonnelFederation
56 V 54 Reg, Inside ManPersonnelFerengi
56 V 55 M'tokraPersonnelKlingon
56 V 56 Neelix, "Fearless Warrior"PersonnelKlingon
56 V 57 Tom Paris, Father of the Kuvah'maghPersonnelKlingon
56 V 58 Doctor Chaotica, Ruler of the CosmosPersonnelNon-Aligned
56 V 59 Henry Starling, CEO of Chronowerx IndustriesPersonnelNon-Aligned
56 V 60 Lonzak, Loyal HenchmanPersonnelNon-Aligned
56 V 61 Q'ret, Adoptive FatherPersonnelNon-Aligned
56 V 62 Satan's Robot, Dangerous MinionPersonnelNon-Aligned
56 V 63 Taleen, Sanctimonious TurnkeyPersonnelNon-Aligned