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Trekcc Second Edition

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Classification: Civilian
A Virtual Expansion released on 2022-02-11.

Lead Designer: Nathan Miracle

Ever wish you had signed on to a non-military starship? If you're looking to get away from the regimented lifestyle and stuffy regulations of your fleet or empire, The Continuing Committee has you covered, with Classification: Civilian, the forty-second virtual expansion for Star Trek CCG Second Edition! Find your inner artist, collector, fire dancer, or undercover temporal operative. Live like a Ferengi or an Orion merchant prince. Maybe even serve your community. The galaxy's your oyster when you gain Classification: Civilian!

Download this Expansion!

[PDF] (8.5 MB) [DL] Expansion
[PDF] (647 KB) [DL] Cover Sheet
[PNG] (1.5 MB) [DL] Pack Art

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Classification: Civilian contains: 27 cards (27 V)

57 V 1 Morphogenic VirusDilemma
57 V 2 Occasional EmergencyDilemma
57 V 3 Only a Temporary SetbackEvent
57 V 4 Pillar of the CommunityEvent
57 V 5 To Serve the EmpireEvent
57 V 6 Are You Brain Dead?!Interrupt
57 V 7 Quick TripInterrupt
57 V 8 Antarian Sector, Host Trans-stellar RallyMission
57 V 9 Tora Ziyal, "Poor Judge of Character"PersonnelBajoran
57 V 10 Yassim, Vocal MartyrPersonnelBajoran
57 V 11 Scout DronePersonnelBorg
57 V 12 Third of Five, Wayward DronePersonnelBorg
57 V 13 Kotan Pa'Dar, Prominent PoliticianPersonnelCardassian
57 V 14 Raimus, Syndicate CollaboratorPersonnelDominion
57 V 15 Ben, Civilian ServerPersonnelFederation
57 V 16 Manuele Atoa, Something Fun to Look AtPersonnelFederation
57 V 17 Samuel T. Cogley, Attorney at LawPersonnelFederation
57 V 18 Seven of Nine, Ideal CandidatePersonnelFederation
57 V 19 ObolPersonnelFerengi
57 V 20 Quark, MiddlemanPersonnelFerengi
57 V 21 D'Ghor, Plotting Like a FerengiPersonnelKlingon
57 V 22 Christopher Pike, Prospective Orion TraderPersonnelNon-Aligned
57 V 23 Elias Giger, Cellular EntertainerPersonnelNon-Aligned
57 V 24 Zefram Cochrane, Bemoaning His DayPersonnelNon-Aligned
57 V 25 Kassem, Soup ImperialPersonnelRomulan
57 V 26 Sim, Sacrificial LambPersonnelStarfleet
57 V 27 Hard Bargain, Totally LegitimateShipNon-Aligned