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Trekcc Second Edition

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The Menagerie
A Virtual Expansion released on 2022-07-22.

Lead Designer: Richard New
Design Team: Tjark Ott, Benjamin Rostoker

The Continuing Committee, in concert with the player community of Star Trek CCG Second Edition, welcomes everyone to The Menagerie, the game's forty-third virtual expansion.

Aid the ragtag resistance on Cardassia. Seek the Prophets' guidance for Bajor. Lead a group of stranded augments or single-minded Borg in a relentless bid to rule the galaxy. Androids and unexpected spouses from a parallel universe stand ready to lend a hand. Whatever your goals in this vast galaxy, you're sure to find something in The Menagerie to further your path to success!

Download this Expansion!

[PDF] (8.9 MB) [DL] Expansion
[PDF] (819 KB) [DL] Cover Sheet
[PNG] (1.6 MB) [DL] Pack Art

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The Menagerie contains: 42 cards (42 V)

58 V 1 PorthosDilemma
58 V 2 Orb of the EmissaryEquipment
58 V 3 Barge of the DeadEvent
58 V 4 Rishon UxbridgeEvent
58 V 5 Rousing ReminiscenceEvent
58 V 6 They're Still Coming ThroughEvent
58 V 7 UndauntedEvent
58 V 8 Cryptic RevelationInterrupt
58 V 9 Stella!Interrupt
58 V 10 Cardassia Prime, Bastion of ResistanceMission
58 V 10 * Cardassia Prime, Storm the CastleMission
58 V 11 Exo III, Seek Lost ScientistMission
58 V 12 Jouret IV, Assimilate ColonyMission
58 V 13 Saturn, Continue InvasionMission
58 V 14 The Celestial Temple, Seek Prophetic GuidanceMission
58 V 15 Akorem Laan, Misguided MysticPersonnelBajoran
58 V 16 Benjamin Sisko, Corporeal IntercessorPersonnelBajoran
58 V 17 Kasidy Yates, Resolute BridePersonnelBajoran
58 V 18 Ke Hovath, The SirahPersonnelBajoran
58 V 19 Odo, Stalwart AllyPersonnelBajoran
58 V 20 BorvenPersonnelCardassian
58 V 21 BronokPersonnelCardassian
58 V 22 BrunPersonnelCardassian
58 V 23 Quark, In LovePersonnelCardassian
58 V 24 RekelenPersonnelCardassian
58 V 25 VornarPersonnelCardassian
58 V 26 Alyssa Ogawa, Chief Medical OfficerPersonnelFederation
58 V 27 AndroPersonnelFederation
58 V 28 Deanna Troi, Par'Mach'kaiPersonnelFederation
58 V 29 James T. Kirk, Self-Proclaimed Enemy SpyPersonnelFederation
58 V 30 Jean-Luc Picard, Defense CounselPersonnelFederation
58 V 31 Alice 471PersonnelNon-Aligned
58 V 32 Harcourt Fenton Mudd, Swindler, Conman, Liar, RoguePersonnelNon-Aligned
58 V 33 Ilia, Probing SimulacrumPersonnelNon-Aligned
58 V 34 James T. Kirk, Dubious DuplicatePersonnelNon-Aligned
58 V 35 Joachim, Sensible ChallengerPersonnelNon-Aligned
58 V 36 KravinPersonnelNon-Aligned
58 V 37 Ling, Herculean AdjutantPersonnelNon-Aligned
58 V 38 Norman, Locus of the Hive MindPersonnelNon-Aligned
58 V 39 Pavel A. Chekov, Hapless PuppetPersonnelNon-Aligned
58 V 40 Roger Korby, A Shadow of His Former SelfPersonnelNon-Aligned
58 V 41 U.S.S. Enterprise, Superior StarshipShipNon-Aligned