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Reflections 2.0
A Physical Expansion released on 2004-12-08.

Reflections 2.0 includes 61 brand-new cards created in diffraction foil treatment plus foil versions of 60 rare cards from previous sets. Each 18-card booster pack contains two foils (generally one new card and one reprint), plus a mix of non-foil cards from Second Edition, Energize, Call to Arms, and Necessary Evil. This list includes the 61 new foils; the foil reprints are listed separately.

Reflections 2.0 contains: 61 cards (61 P)

6 P 1AftermathDilemma
6 P 2Dignitaries and WitnessesDilemma
6 P 3Eye to EyeDilemma
6 P 4Final AdventureDilemma
6 P 5Full Security AlertDilemma
6 P 6Hard TimeDilemma
6 P 7HelplessDilemma
6 P 8Mr. TricorderDilemma
6 P 9Shipboard FireDilemma
6 P 10The Three VipersDilemma
6 P 11Unknown MicroorganismDilemma
6 P 12UrgencyDilemma
6 P 13Worn-Out WelcomeDilemma
6 P 14Adapted to Service UsEvent
6 P 15 Biogenic WeaponEvent
6 P 16Bustling with Activity (Errata)Event
6 P 17Changed HistoryEvent
6 P 18Disadvantage Into AdvantageEvent
6 P 19Distant ExplorationEvent
6 P 20FrictionEvent
6 P 21ForesightEvent
6 P 22Guidance of the Council (Errata)Event
6 P 23High Command "Motivation"Event
6 P 24Interstellar TreatyEvent
6 P 25Invocation of Kosst AmojanEvent
6 P 26Maquis RaidEvent
6 P 27Ohhhh! Nothing Happened!Event
6 P 28 Quintessence (Errata)Event
6 P 29Stalling for Time (Errata)Event
6 P 30Stealth MissionEvent
6 P 31The New ResistanceEvent
6 P 32Tribunal SentencingEvent
6 P 33Change of HeartInterrupt
6 P 34Dark SecretsInterrupt
6 P 35I Need A Little CounselingInterrupt
6 P 36No Harm DoneInterrupt
6 P 37Shri-talInterrupt
6 P 38Strength for Our StruggleInterrupt
6 P 39Transwarp ConduitInterrupt
6 P 40 Odo, Curzon OdoPersonnelBajoran
6 P 41 Yarka, Harbinger of the ProphetsPersonnelBajoran
6 P 42Annexation DronePersonnelBorg
6 P 43Requisitions DronePersonnelBorg
6 P 44 Enabran Tain, "Retired" SpymasterPersonnelCardassian
6 P 45GoranPersonnelCardassian
6 P 46 Gelnon, Aloof TacticianPersonnelDominion
6 P 47 Ixtana'Rax, Honored Elder (Errata)PersonnelDominion
6 P 48 Lamat'Ukan, Resourceful ThirdPersonnelDominion
6 P 49 Jean-Luc Picard, VintnerPersonnelFederation
6 P 50 Kira Nerys, Starfleet EmissaryPersonnelFederation
6 P 51 Santos, Squad LeaderPersonnelFederation
6 P 52 Shankar, Maquis SoldierPersonnelFederation
6 P 53 William T. Riker, Wistful AdmiralPersonnelFederation
6 P 54 Alexander Rozhenko, K'mtarPersonnelKlingon
6 P 55 Worf, Son of MoghPersonnelKlingon
6 P 56 Jean-Luc Picard, GalenPersonnelNon-Aligned
6 P 57 Vina, Orion Slave GirlPersonnelNon-Aligned
6 P 58 Deanna Troi, Major RakalPersonnelRomulan
6 P 59 Mendak, Duplicitous AdmiralPersonnelRomulan
6 P 60Dominion BattleshipShipDominion
6 P 61 U.S.S. Defiant, Repurposed WarshipShipFederation