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Trekcc Second Edition

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2E Physical editions map What You Leave Behind In A Mirror Darkly These Are The Voyages Genesis Captain's Log Dangerous Missions Adversaries Collection To Boldly Go Strange New Worlds Archive Portrait Reflections 2.0 Fractured Time Tenth Anniversary Collection Necessary Evil Call to Arms Energize Starter Reprints Second Edition Promo Cards
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Archive Portrait
A Physical Expansion released on 2005-05-12.

The Archive series consists of foil versions of selected rare cards in a set, beginning with the Strange New Worlds expansion. The Archive Portrait, also starting with the Strange New Worlds expansion, will be produced in alternate templates; these are known as the Archive Portrait series. These foils will be found in booster packs in place of the normal rare card

Download and print this physical expansion!
[PDF] Download Expansion (Low Resolution)
For high-resolution versions of physical cards, purchase them from a specialty gaming store.

Archive Portrait contains: 18 cards (18 AP)

0 AP 1 Seven of Nine, Reclaimed DronePersonnelFederationStrange New Worlds
0 AP 2 T'Pol, Austere CommanderPersonnelStarfleetStrange New Worlds
0 AP 3 Borg Queen, The One Who Is ManyPersonnelBorgAdversaries Collection
0 AP 4 Shinzon, Reman LeaderPersonnelRomulanAdversaries Collection
0 AP 5 James T. Kirk, Youngest Captain in StarfleetPersonnelFederationTo Boldly Go
0 AP 6 Kathryn Janeway, Clever CaptainPersonnelFederationTo Boldly Go
0 AP 7 Charvanek, Fleet CommanderPersonnelRomulanCaptain's Log
0 AP 8 Hoshi Sato, EmpressPersonnelStarfleetCaptain's Log
0 AP 9 Persis, Loyal DaughterPersonnelNon-AlignedThese Are The Voyages
0 AP 10 T'Pol, Dutiful CommanderPersonnelStarfleetThese Are The Voyages
0 AP 11 Stripped DownDilemmaIn A Mirror, Darkly
0 AP 12 Neras, Slave GirlPersonnelNon-AlignedIn A Mirror, Darkly
0 AP 13 Improved SceneryInterruptWorld Champion Design-a-Card
2008 Kevin Jaeger

Download & Print: 3 UP 9 UP 
0 AP 14 Ishara Yar, Deceitful SoldierPersonnelNon-Aligned2009-2010 League Participation
Download & Print: 3 UP 9 UP 
0 AP 15 Mona Luvsitt, ValetPersonnelNon-Aligned2010 Deck Drive
Download & Print: 3 UP 9 UP 
0 AP 16 Elim Garak, Federation AgentPersonnelFederation2010-2011 League Participation
Download & Print: 3 UP 9 UP 
0 AP 17 The Pendari Champion, Electrifying FavoritePersonnelNon-Aligned2011-2012 League Promo
Download & Print: 3 UP 9 UP 
0 AP 18 Miramanee, Loyal PriestessPersonnelNon-AlignedDownload & Print: 3 UP 9 UP