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Raise the Stakes
A Virtual Expansion released on 2009-01-23.

Lead Designer: The Brad DeFruiter
Design Team: Michael Girard, Unjustly Banned, Charlie Plaine

"The riskier the road, the greater the profit," say the Ferengi. Never have the risks or the rewards been more intense than with Raise the Stakes, the third virtual expansion from The Continuing Committee. Higher costs bring greater benefits: from mid-game events with big benefits to massive personnel that can play for free, all 90 cards in the double sized Raise the Stakes take the game to a whole new level. Enhance your old decks and inspire new decks with every single card - the stakes have been raised, indeed.

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (730 Kb) Pack Art
[PDF] (3.7 MB) Download Standard Resolution
[PDF] (75.1 MB) Download Hi-Resolution

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Raise the Stakes contains: 90 cards (90 V)

17 V 1Assassin TeamDilemma
17 V 2Causal RecursionDilemma
17 V 3Covert AmbushDilemma
17 V 4Echo Papa AttackDilemma
17 V 5Full ComplementDilemma
17 V 6He Wasn't NiceDilemma
17 V 7It's Only a Paper MoonDilemma
17 V 8Miner RevoltDilemma
17 V 9Occupational HazardsDilemma
17 V 10Punishment BoxDilemma
17 V 11Slightly OverbookedDilemma
17 V 12Spatial InterphaseDilemma
17 V 13StupefyDilemma
17 V 14Technique of a Desperate ManDilemma
17 V 15Unfair TermsDilemma
17 V 16Unorthodox TacticsDilemma
17 V 17Well-Prepared DefensesDilemma
17 V 18You Vant to Go Back?Dilemma
17 V 19 Horga'hnEquipment
17 V 20Self-Sealing Stem BoltsEquipment
17 V 21Always WelcomeEvent
17 V 22B'aht Qul ChallengeEvent
17 V 23Coordinated CounterattackEvent
17 V 24Defensive Upgrades (Errata)Event
17 V 25DeliriumEvent
17 V 26 DuranjaEvent
17 V 27EnsnaredEvent
17 V 28Favor the BoldEvent
17 V 29For Better or For WorseEvent
17 V 30GreedEvent
17 V 31Imperfect ReplacementEvent
17 V 32Jem'Hadar EntrenchmentEvent
17 V 33LeverageEvent
17 V 34 Noble IntentionsEvent
17 V 35Parting ThoughtEvent
17 V 36 Relentless ChargeEvent
17 V 37Tenuous AllianceEvent
17 V 38 WarinessEvent
17 V 39Alarming RumorsInterrupt
17 V 40Bridge Officer's TestInterrupt
17 V 41Down to BusinessInterrupt
17 V 42Improved SceneryInterruptWorld Champion Design-a-Card
2008 Kevin Jaeger

17 V 43PosturingInterrupt
17 V 44Rebuilding the Fleet (Errata)Interrupt
17 V 45 Demonstrate Aggressive IntentMission
17 V 46 Explore Extradimensional WorldMission
17 V 47 Honor the FallenMission
17 V 48 Obtain Illegal EmbryosMission
17 V 49 Protect WormholeMission
17 V 50 Reestablish Neural CooperativeMission
17 V 51 Seek SaviorMission
17 V 52 Kira Nerys, LelaPersonnelBajoran
17 V 53 Shakaar Edon, First Minister of BajorPersonnelBajoran
17 V 54Scrutiny DronePersonnelBorg
17 V 55 Madred, Persistent InquisitorPersonnelCardassian
17 V 56 Nador, Curious CommanderPersonnelCardassian
17 V 57 Breen Founder, PersuaderPersonnelDominion
17 V 58Dikut'ukanPersonnelDominion
17 V 59 Cal Hudson, Convincing Recruiter (Errata)PersonnelFederation
17 V 60 Geordi La Forge, Battleship EngineerPersonnelFederation
17 V 61Karl JaegerPersonnelFederation
17 V 62 Kathryn Janeway, Regretful LeaderPersonnelFederation
17 V 63NagataPersonnelFederation
17 V 64 Tristan Adams, Deranged PsychiatristPersonnelFederation
17 V 65 William Ross, "Temporary" AllyPersonnelFederation
17 V 66 Brunt, Acting Grand NagusPersonnelFerengi
17 V 67 Nilva, Lascivious ChairmanPersonnelFerengi
17 V 68 Uri'lash, Silent ServantPersonnelFerengi
17 V 69 K'mpec, Protector of the EmpirePersonnelKlingon
17 V 70 Kohlar, Pilgrim CommanderPersonnelKlingon
17 V 71 Morak, Pilgrim CynicPersonnelKlingon
17 V 72 T'Greth, Pilgrim ContenderPersonnelKlingon
17 V 73DelvokPersonnelNon-Aligned
17 V 74 Syrran, Desert WindPersonnelNon-Aligned
17 V 75 T'Les, SyrrannitePersonnelNon-Aligned
17 V 76 T'Pau, SyrrannitePersonnelNon-Aligned
17 V 77Ptol (Errata)PersonnelRomulan
17 V 78 Taibak, Prodigious ConditionerPersonnelRomulan
17 V 79UpexiPersonnelRomulan
17 V 80 A. G. Robinson, Prototype CaptainPersonnelStarfleet
17 V 81 Nathan Samuels, Earth Minister (Errata)PersonnelStarfleet
17 V 82 Assimilated TransportShipBorg
17 V 83 Rokassa, Tampering VesselShipCardassian
17 V 84 Javert, Maquis Flagship (Errata)ShipFederation
17 V 85 U.S.S. Bellerophon, Conference HostShipFederation
17 V 86 I.K.S. Voq'leng, Ship of ProphecyShipKlingon
17 V 87Orion InterceptorShipNon-Aligned
17 V 88 U.S.S. Dauntless, False HopeShipNon-Aligned
17 V 89Bird-of-Prey (Errata)ShipRomulan
17 V 90NX-PrototypeShipStarfleet