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Peak Performance
A Virtual Expansion released on 2010-09-03.

Lead Designer: The Brad DeFruiter
Design Team: Michael Girard, Unjustly Banned

Optimize and enhance your favorite decks with Peak Performance, the seventh Second Edition Virtual Expansion from The Continuing Committee. This fifty-four (54) card virtual expansion brings new weapons to many struggling affiliations and provides new weapons to combat the most powerful decks. Occupy and rule Terok Nor with an iron fist, observe new Rituals with the protocol-obsessed Kreetassans, and journey into the Delphic Expanse to save Earth with a desperate Starfleet. What will it take for you to reach maximum efficiency with the cards in Peak Performance?

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (942 Kb) Pack Art
[PDF] (46.5 MB) Download Hi-Resolution

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Peak Performance contains: 54 cards (54 V)

22 V 1Code Forty-SevenDilemma
22 V 2Forced Into LaborDilemma
22 V 3Gravitational AnomalyDilemma
22 V 4Healing HandDilemma
22 V 5Honorable PursuitDilemma
22 V 6Infinite DiversityDilemma
22 V 7Legacy (Errata)Dilemma
22 V 8Pitching InDilemma
22 V 9Unfair ComparisonDilemma
22 V 10Trellium-D (Errata)Equipment
22 V 11 AllegianceEvent
22 V 12 Alvera Tree Ritual (Errata)Event
22 V 13 Holding Cell (Errata)Event
22 V 14 Klingon Tea Ceremony (Errata)Event
22 V 15Sent BackEvent
22 V 16Spatial ReconfigurationEvent
22 V 17This Side of ParadiseEvent
22 V 18Diversionary TacticsInterrupt
22 V 19Exchange ProgramInterrupt
22 V 20Hidden ResourceInterrupt
22 V 21Lustful Distraction (Errata)Interrupt
22 V 22Opportunity SeizedInterrupt
22 V 23Ruling Council (Errata)Interrupt
22 V 24Secret AgendaInterrupt
22 V 25Superior PositionInterrupt
22 V 26UnrelentingInterrupt
22 V 27Vorta DisciplineInterrupt
22 V 28 Investigate AnachronismMission
22 V 29 Investigate RefineryMission
22 V 30 Benjamin Sisko, Man of Two WorldsPersonnelBajoran
22 V 31 Kira Nerys, LiberatorPersonnelBajoran
22 V 32 Odo, Bajoran RepresentativePersonnelBajoran
22 V 33 Dukat, Cardassian RepresentativePersonnelCardassian
22 V 34 Amat'igan, Founder BodyguardPersonnelDominion
22 V 35 Weyoun, Dominion RepresentativePersonnelDominion
22 V 36 Giotto, Security ChiefPersonnelFederation
22 V 37 Morgan Bateson, Confident CommanderPersonnelFederation
22 V 38 Farek, Distrusting DoctorPersonnelFerengi
22 V 39 Amaros, Freedom FighterPersonnelNon-Aligned
22 V 40 Berlinghoff Rasmussen, Temporal "Historian"PersonnelNon-AlignedWorld Champion Design-a-Card 2009 Neil Timmons
22 V 41 Ibboko, Kreetassan Chancellor (Errata)PersonnelNon-Aligned
22 V 42 Laavros, Kreetassan Civil ServantPersonnelNon-Aligned
22 V 43PunullPersonnelNon-Aligned
22 V 44 Karina, Hindering AnalystPersonnelRomulan
22 V 45 Ruwon, Hindering AnalystPersonnelRomulan
22 V 46 Charles Tucker III, Damaged EngineerPersonnelStarfleet
22 V 47 Jonathan Archer, Damaged CaptainPersonnelStarfleet
22 V 48 Malcolm Reed, Damaged Security OfficerPersonnelStarfleet
22 V 49 Phlox, Damaged DoctorPersonnelStarfleet
22 V 50 T'Pol, Damaged Science OfficerPersonnelStarfleet
22 V 51 Travis Mayweather, Damaged NavigatorPersonnelStarfleet
22 V 52 U.S.S. Bozeman, Well-Preserved AntiqueShipFederation
22 V 53 Kilhra, Hidden ThreatShipRomulan
22 V 54 Enterprise, Damaged Starship (Errata)ShipStarfleet