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Trekcc Second Edition
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General Info Cost
Acquisition Anthropology Archaeology Astrometrics Biology Diplomacy
Engineer Exobiology Geology Honor Intelligence Law
Leadership Medical Navigation Officer Physics Programming
Science Security Telepathy Transporters Treachery
The first box is "Has", the second is "Does not have"
AdmiralAlphaArtifactAssassinAssaultBajoran Resistance
BluegillCadetCaptureChancellorCloaking DeviceCommander
CommodityConsumeCrimeDabo GirlDecayDissident
DroneFounderGathererGeneralGenetically EnhancedGlinn
GulHand WeaponHigh Council MemberHoloprogramHostInfiltration
RuleSenatorShape-shifterSmugglerSpecies 8472Temporal
ThiefThink TankTsunkatseVedekWaiter
[Cmd][Stf][Cmd] or [Stf]
[DS9][E][Maq][TN][TNG][Voy][TOS][DS9] or [E][TNG] or [E]
DilemmaEffects: Captures Damages Filters Kills Returns Stops Stops All Other Skill
Mission Span
Points Include 'Any'OR
Personnel Integrity Cunning Strength
Ships Range Weapons Shields
Collector InfoPrintable
Results (12) - Direct Link

[Car] 2 Ari
[Stf] Cardassian
Honor Officer Programming Transporters
Dissident. When you play this personnel, if you have a Gul or Legate at this mission, this personnel's cost -1.
"The Obsidian Order and the Central Command have been given too much power over our lives. We're going to change that."
Integrity 6    Cunning 5    Strength 6
1 U 229
[Rom] 2 •D'Ral, Mutinous Commander
[Cmd] Romulan
Anthropology Engineer Officer Treachery
Dissident. When your [Rom] personnel present is randomly selected by a dilemma, you may replace that personnel with a [Rom] personnel from hand who has the same cost as that personnel. Place the personnel you replaced in his or her owner's discard pile.
To all Romulans, allegiance is a temporary concept.
Integrity 3    Cunning 6    Strength 6
15 V 41
[Car] 4 •Damar, Cardassian Liberator
[Cmd] Cardassian
Engineer Honor 2 Leadership Officer Security
Dissident. Legate. When you play this personnel, examine cards from the top of your deck equal to the cost of a personnel you command. Take up to two cards examined into your hand. Discard the remaining cards.
"How many more of these sacrifices will my people be asked to make?"
Integrity 7    Cunning 6    Strength 6
13 R 52
[Rom] 2 •Donatra, Compassionate Patriot
[Cmd] Romulan
Engineer Leadership Officer Physics
Commander: Valdore. Dissident. While this personnel is facing a dilemma, she gains Honor and Security.
"Are you truly prepared to have your hands drenched in blood? He's not planning to defeat Earth, he's planning its annihilation. And his sins will mark us and our children for generations."
Integrity 4    Cunning 6    Strength 5
1 R 357
[Baj] 1 •Kira Nerys, Reformed Collaborator
[Cmd] [TN] Bajoran
Officer Security Treachery
Dissident. When you play this personnel, discard a card from hand. While a Cardassian or Vedek is in your discard pile, this personnel is attributes +1, loses Treachery, and gains Honor and Physics.
"Half the Alpha Quadrant is out there right now, fighting for my freedom. ... Yassim was right - I have to do something."
Integrity 4    Cunning 6    Strength 6
3 R 112
[Rom] 1 Noram
[Cmd] Romulan
Exobiology Leadership Officer
"The Praetor's power has always been the Romulan fleet. They must be behind Shinzon for him to have overthrown the Senate."
Integrity 4    Cunning 6    Strength 5
1 C 365
[Car] 2 •Rusot, Proud Nationalist
[Cmd] Cardassian
Biology Geology Officer Treachery
Dissident. Gul. While you command more events in your core than each of your opponents, this personnel gains Leadership and Security.
"It doesn't seem right, all this plotting and secrecy. What are we? Romulans?"
Integrity 4    Cunning 5    Strength 6
0 VP 41
[Car] 2 •Seskal, Comrade in Arms
[Cmd] Cardassian
Anthropology Astrometrics Officer Science
Dissident. Glinn. While you command more events in your core than each of your opponents, this personnel cannot be stopped by dilemmas.
Passionate member of Damar's resistance. Resents that tactics the Bajorans used against his people are needed to fight the Dominion.
Integrity 5    Cunning 5    Strength 6
4 U 123
[Non] 2 •Seven of Nine, Immersed in Chaos
Acquisition Astrometrics Honor Officer
Admiral. Assassin. Cadet. Dabo Girl. Dissident. Gatherer. General. High Council Member. Infiltrator. Senator. Smuggler. Thief. Waiter.
"you are but one mind, confronting thousands."
Integrity 6    Cunning 7    Strength 6
41 V 26
[Bor] 4 •Six of Ten, Korok
[Cmd] [AU] Borg
Astrometrics Honor 2 Leadership Navigation Officer Security
Commander: Sphere 117. Dissident. General. While you command a [Bor] non-Dissident personnel, this personnel loses all of his skills and his next ability. While this personnel is facing a dilemma that does not require a skill at a [DQ] mission, he cannot be killed.
Integrity 7    Cunning 5    Strength 6
25 V 29
[Rom] 3 •Suran, Ambitious Commander
[Cmd] Romulan
Leadership Navigation Officer Security Treachery
Commander: Soterus. Dissident. When you play this personnel, you may download a Maneuver card.
"You told us the timing was perfect for an attack on the Federation! I don't understand why you now delay!"
Integrity 4    Cunning 5    Strength 6
1 R 371
[Rom] 1 Talvin
[Cmd] Romulan
Anthropology Geology Officer
"Senators, consider the opportunities for the Empire. At last, the destinies of the planets Romulus and Remus will be united. Shinzon of Remus is offering us a chance to make ourselves stronger!"
Integrity 4    Cunning 5    Strength 6
1 C 373