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Trekcc Second Edition
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What You Leave Behind In A Mirror Darkly These Are The Voyages Genesis Captain's Log Dangerous Missions Adversaries Collection To Boldly Go Strange New Worlds Archive Portrait Reflections 2.0 Fractured Time Tenth Anniversary Collection Necessary Evil Call to Arms Energize Starter Reprints Second Edition Promo Cards
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General Info Cost
Acquisition Anthropology Archaeology Astrometrics Biology Diplomacy
Engineer Exobiology Geology Honor Intelligence Law
Leadership Medical Navigation Officer Physics Programming
Science Security Telepathy Transporters Treachery
The first box is "Has", the second is "Does not have"
AdmiralAlphaArtifactAssassinAssaultBajoran Resistance
BluegillCadetCaptureChancellorChefCloaking Device
CommanderCommodityConsumeCrimeDabo GirlDecay
DissidentDroneFounderGathererGeneralGenetically Enhanced
GlinnGulHand WeaponHarbingerHigh Council MemberHoloprogram
Species 8472TemporalThiefThink TankTsunkatseVedek
[Cmd][Stf][Cmd] or [Stf]
[DS9][E][Maq][TN][TNG][Voy][TOS][DS9] or [E][TNG] or [E]
DilemmaEffects: Captures Damages Filters Kills Returns Stops Stops All Other Skill
Mission Span
Points Include 'Any'OR
Personnel Integrity Cunning Strength
Ships Range Weapons Shields
Collector InfoPrintable
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[Baj] 2 •Benjamin Sisko, Master Chef
[Cmd] [DS9] Human
Anthropology Archaeology Honor Officer
Chef. When you play this personnel, you may play an Artifact from your discard pile as if it were in your hand.
"...you haven't had them prepared properly. Beets are a very misunderstood vegetable."
Integrity 7    Cunning 6    Strength 6
53 V 8
[Kli] 2 •Kaga, Melodious Epicure
Acquisition Biology Exobiology
Chef. You may play this personnel at your Mouth of the Wormhole. When you play this personnel, you may download Gagh Tek Or.
"Aler acht'jar Aler act'jar T'lembda boool-gah toh-gal. Aler acht'jar Aler act'jar T'lembda boool-gah toh-gal."
Integrity 6    Cunning 5    Strength 7
53 V 16
[Fed] 2 •Neelix, Culinary Usurper
[Stf] [Voy] Talaxian
Acquisition Anthropology Honor
Chef. When this personnel uses a skill to complete a space mission, you may discard a card from hand to draw two cards.
"...I thought I'd use a few of the vegetables from the hydroponics bay and whip up a little breakfast."
Integrity 6    Cunning 5    Strength 5
53 V 13
[Fer] 4 •Quark, Smarmy Restauranteur
[DS9] Ferengi
Acquisition Diplomacy Treachery
Chef. When you play a Chef, Dabo Girl, or Waiter at this mission, you may examine the top card of your deck and either take it into hand or place it beneath your Ferenginar.
"No refunds for those on the path to Kal'Hyah as well. Sorry."
Integrity 4    Cunning 6    Strength 4
53 V 15
[Sta] 2 •William T. Riker, Stirring Confidant
[TNG] Human
Anthropology Archaeology Diplomacy
Chef. When you have drawn dilemmas, you may discard a card from hand to download Second Breakfast.
"I've already started her plomeek broth. All she has to do is choose a few final ingredients."
Integrity 6    Cunning 6    Strength 6
53 V 23